Boris Johnson introduced the new restrictions to reduce the spread of Covid-19 (Image: Getty Images)

Voice of the Mirror: Boris Johnson shows no trace of doing duty as crisis looms


The test-and-trace system is an indefensible Achilles’ heel in the Government’s protection of British people from a killer virus that is once again on the march.

Doctors warning of a deadly second wave know that identifying the infected and then isolating them and those they have been in contact with is crucial.

Yet despite Boris Johnson’s bluster and boasts, he is yet to introduce anything that is remotely world-beating.

With 3,000 new cases a day becoming a regular occurrence, we are likely to see soaring hospital admissions and burials.

We can all take some responsibility for our own safety – including hand washing, wearing face masks and socially distancing.

Yet this Conservative government has manifestly failed in its first duty to protect the citizens of this country when our death rate is one of the highest.

The Prime Minister has failed every test.

Fear for Britain

Boris Johnson is fast running out of friends as he strains to ditch a Brexit divorce law that he made.

Criticism is even growing from Tories who wanted out of the European Union.

The Prime Minister is playing a dangerous game, jeopardising peace in Northern Ireland and broadcasting to the entire world that he’s an untrustworthy leader.

Unprincipled and chronically incapable of telling the truth, he is haemorrhaging credibility with many of his own supporters.

Believing his own distorted propaganda, Johnson is an egotist heading for a heavy fall.

The real concern is he will take a weakened Britain down with him.

Sunny outlook

ON the bright side, it is going to be a sunny September in most parts of the country this week.

So enjoy the good weather – as long as you wash hands, wear a mask and don’t get close to most people. Who said romance is dead?