Supercell Creater Code: How to get your own Supercell Creator Code today?


Supercell Creater Code: Get your own Supercell Creator Code and become the next big superstar in the Clash and Brawlstars universe today!

Many of us are guilty of wishing to be like our favourite content creators on YouTube. So, if you thought about it too, you’re not alone. However, as most of us know, succeeding as a content creator is not easy. There’s a lot of competition and only a few people can truly make it. And yet, lucky for you, things are a lot easier if you wish to become a Supercell creator. In fact, getting your own Supercell Creator Code may be easier than you think.

Creators’ Program: Path to your own Supercell Creator Code.

The Supercell Creator Code was introduced into the game in the month of October, last year. It is a part of the huge Supercell Creators’ Program, which began around the same time last year. And, this addition to the game makes your journey much easier. In order to apply for a Supercell Creator Code, you just need to open a channel and gain some viewers. Then, you can apply for the program. If your content pleases Supercell, they will make you as a creator. That’s it! It’s that simple! Then, once they certify you, players and fans will know you better. As a result, your popularity will increase.

However, the task of making a channel and gaining viewers, as most of you know, is not that simple. Plus, even if you manage to do that, how will you ensure that Supercell accepts you? That is why we are here.

Tips to bag that Supercell Creator Code: The Basics.

First of all, let us remind you of the obvious needs that most of you may know already. Becoming a very good player whom people want to watch should be the first thing on your checklist. This is obvious, but still worth mentioning. As a player, you should at least be above-average. Next, you should learn how to commentate while playing a match. This will help you stand out from the pack. Creators like Power Bang and Clash with Ash, who’re very famous, are also brilliant commentators of the game.

These two qualities are the basics you need to master. Get these right and you’ve already taken the first step.

Grabbing that Code: The Advanced Tips.

Once you master the two abilities listed above, you’ve already won half the battle. However, in order to turn yourself from a good to a great creator, these advanced tips will come in handy.

Develop your knowledge of memes. They are a wonderful part of our daily life. So, a few good memes edited into a video can help it shine above the rest. B-rad, the famous Clash Royale creator is a fine example of this. His videos are as hilarious as they are skilful. Secondly, engage as much with your community as you can. Be it Reddit or YouTube or Discord or Twitter, be a friend to your fans. Lastly, maintain a fixed update rate. Remember, you don’t have to upload videos every day. Instead, it is better to upload good videos following a fixed routine. This way, even your fans will know when to tune in.

That’s it! It’s that simple! Well… er… and also a decent set-up maybe. But, seriously that’s it! Do these well and with some hard work and effort, you will succeed.

So, best of luck and clash on!

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