Hamilton supports Bottas: ''Any driver would have done this''


Romain Grosjean spoke against Valtteri Bottas and Sebastian Vettel also indicated that Bottas could have known that he would cause such a crash after the restart. However, Bottas goes on the defensive and gets support from his team mate.

After the Veratappen's crash and the subsequent Safety Car, it is Bottas who is allowed to set the pace. With the long straight Bottas waits as long as possible before pressing his gas peddle. In midfield, however, this goes wrong and there is a huge crash. Some drivers blame Bottas, but he is not aware of any harm.

Bottas not aware of any harm

''When you're in the lead, you try to make the best of it. I'm not at all guilty of that crash. Our pace was very constant before we went on the gas and everyone can look back on that. Yes, I got on the gas very late, but the race only starts from a certain line and not before'', says Bottas at the press conference after the race.

The Finn gets support from his teammate, Lewis Hamilton. ''I don't think Valtteri has done anything wrong. Every driver had done what Valtteri did. Maybe they deliberately turn off those Safety Car lights so late to create tension, but you can see that there are risks involved and you have to look at this,'' concludes the Brit.