FIA investigating Lewis Hamilton for Breonna Taylor T-shirt at Mugello

Hamilton wore T-shirt with the words 'Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor' before and after his Tuscan GP win

The FIA are investigating whether Lewis Hamilton broke any rules by wearing a T-shirt with a message about the shooting of Breonna Taylor both before and after his win at the Tuscan GP.

Hamilton, F1's six-time champion, wore the top on the podium as he collected his winner's trophy and ended his immediate post-race interview by saying: "Justice for Breonna Taylor."

F1's governing body has not begun any formal procedures with regard to the matter.

Under consideration is whether Hamilton's T-shirt broke rules relating to political statements or gestures at events.

Stewards took no action on the matter at Mugello on Sunday.

The 26-year-old Taylor, a medical worker, was shot and killed by plain-clothes police officers raiding her home in Louisville, Kentucky, in March.

The front of Hamilton's shirt featured the words 'Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor', while the back contained her picture below the words 'say her name'.

Hamilton first wore the T-shirt ahead of the race when he again took a knee, as F1 drivers gathered in their anti-racism ceremony.

Speaking in subsequent interviews, Hamilton said: "It took me a long time to get that shirt and I've been wanting to wear that and bring awareness to the fact that there's people that have been killed on the street and there's someone that got killed in her own house, and they're in the wrong house, and those guys are still walking free.

"We can't rest, we can't... we have to continue to raise awareness with it."

Hamilton was the latest sportsperson to highlight Taylor's fate.

NBA players dedicated post-game interviews to Taylor earlier this year while in the WNBA, jerseys have featured the names of women, such as Taylor, who have been killed by alleged police or racial violence.

Tennis player Naomi Osaka, meanwhile, wore a face mask with Taylor's name on before her first-round match at the US Open. She revealed six more masks with six other Black American victims' names on as she progressed to the final - which she won.

"We have to continue to raise awareness with it and Naomi has been doing amazing, so huge congratulations to her," said Hamilton.

"I think she's an incredible inspiration with what she's done with her platform. I think we just have to continue to push on the issue."

The Mercedes driver has been a prominent voice in the Black Lives Matter movement and has called for lasting change both inside F1 and society at large.

Hamilton performed the Black Power salute on the podium after winning the Styrian GP in July and is establishing a commission to understand how to widen opportunities for all in motorsport.