Lissu talks up change of health insurance


Dar es Salaam. Chadema Union presidential candidate Tundu Lissu yesterday described how the party’s universal health insurance will differ from the current health insurance.

Addressing residents of Migori in Ismani constituency, Iringa Region, Mr Lissu said once elected to form the government after the October 28, General Election, all people will be provided with health insurance.

The ex-Singida East lawmaker and opposition politician in said contrary to what is happening now, the health insurance covers people above 18 years who are still dependent on their parents or guardians.

“Our insurance will cover Non-Communicable Diseases (NDSs) including heart diseases and that Tanzanians will receive health insurance services without segregation of A, B, C, D etc,” he said. He said the current medical setups do not cover enough medicines to beneficiaries, something that makes the access of treatment through insurance meaningless.

Mr Lissu, who doubles as party’s vice chairman, said there were people under premium packages who are supposed to pay up to Sh1.98 million annually, but services do not provide treatment services to diseases mostly affecting the elders.

“These diseases include cancer, hepatitis, kidney and all other diseases mostly affecting the elderly. If I’m elected president after the October 28, General Election, we will provide you with health insurance cover that will be the sign of the country’s equality,” he said.


The former Tanganyika Law Society (TLS) president pledged for Tanzanians support for efficient changes for the benefits of the entire public.

He said targeted changes intended to restore the country’s diplomatic relations with neighbours and all global communities.

“This will enable tomato farmers from Migori in Iringa, Orange farmers from Muheza, rice farmers from Morogoro and other crops from other corners of the country to sell their produce in neighbouring countries,” he told a rally. According to him, the new Chadema government will provide freedom to the media, parliament and citizens to criticize the government.

He promised that his government will scrap nuisance taxes that have seriously affected daily lives of citizens.

Meanwhile, Chadema said yesterday that the demise of former Moshi Town legislator, Philemon has dealt a heavy blow on the party.

The late Ndesamburo, who was MP for Moshi Town for 15 years from 2000 to 2015, died in May 2017.

Speaking shortly after visiting Ndesamburo’s graveyard and before holding talks with the late veteran politician’s family, the Chadema Presidential running mate for the October 28, 2020 General Election, Mr Salum Mwalimu said the party will always cherish the moral and financial support that it used to receive from the departed politician.

“He was a visionary leader. He would speak less but you needed to take your time and digest what he said for you to benefit from his vast wisdom,” he said.

He was it was due to Ndesamburo that Moshi residents remain loyal to Chadema as they stand hopeful that the party was the only one that would help them to achieve their development goals.