Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been criticised by political allies and opponents for his approach to the Brexit deal (Image: PA)

Kevin Maguire: Brexit lies prove Boris Johnson puts the 'con' in Conservatives


Laws only for little people in Boris Johnson’s elitist world are a cynical Prime Minister again behaving like a tinpot tyrant.

Breaking the EU divorce deal he negotiated, signed, passed and won an election with is the raving madness of an out of control charlatan.

Incompetent and without shame, serial liar Johnson creates untrue alternative facts in his Trump tribute act.

The only part of his failing virus test and trace system that is world-beating is its ineffectiveness.

Scientists telling me the Government’s considering a 10pm curfew while Whitehall officials muttering about plans to put children into care where they live with grandparents underlines the panic in Downing Street as the fatal pandemic’s second wave starts.
The Tories are veering from one disaster to another - and both will have hugely damaging legacies on our society (Image: Daily Mirror)

Just as Johnson’s dithering cost thousands of lives his European deceit is mutating a once admired Britain into a rogue state.

Tony Blair and John Major uniting yesterday to condemn a successor was damning yet dismissible by the PM’s apologists when the Labour and Tory past Premiers both campaigned to keep Britain in Europe.

Impossible to smear as easily and therefore explosive is the broadside from Brextremist Michael Howard suddenly with something of the right about him, an anti-EU cheerleader and Tory former leader understandably alarmed by Johnson’s blasé law-breaking.

I’ve no confidence that Tory MPs will do what’s best for the nation and insist the law is obeyed by a chancer who stressed the Con in Conservative in pretending he possessed an oven-ready Brexit deal.

Johnson’s criminally a repeat offender with form, unlawfully suspending Parliament and gifting chief aide Dominic Cummings a lockdown exemption free pass.

But Con MPs and voters are increasingly nauseated by a PM flopping badly on the virus and Europe with a job-destroying no deal economic crunch a growing possibility.

No Government negotiating trade agreements will trust a man who goes back on his word so easily.

Whenever trade unions threaten to break the law, Tories demand the general secretary be locked in the Tower of London and HQ doors be padlocked.

Johnson’s blaming others for what he agreed and sold on Ireland is a fraud demonstrating unfitness for high office.

Tory MPs are split between those who decry his law-breaking and anti-law Brexiteers rebelling against England’s lockdown six limit.

Fast approaching is the day when they’ll unite to strike against an embarrassment to their party and our country. We’re not there yet but it’s coming closer.