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Winnipeg police release back-to-school safety tips


Flashing crosswalks, school zone speed limits and bustling playgrounds — it’s a sign of back to school.

Though it looks different in 2020, the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) is sharing tips to keep kids safe.

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If your child is under nine years old, police say they should be accompanied by an adult or older child, adding parents share the responsibility and time needed to ensure children reach school safely.

Teaching young children the rules of the road is what the WPS says develops with time and practice. They say things like eye contact with drivers at stop signs and crosswalks, looking both ways and listening for traffic are key concepts.

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Planning a walkable route to school, wearing a bike helmet, stranger danger awareness, strength in numbers and learning proper school bus safety are all tips police say families should be preparing their children with.

The WPS is also reminding drivers to be equally as safe, respecting speed limits and the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

More specific to this back-to-school year is the mask requirement at schools in Manitoba.

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Police are reminding people to ensure their child’s mask fits correctly and to practice wearing one for short periods around the house to get used to the new policy.

They suggest giving children a job or responsibility could help them feel empowered ad more in control of the situation and suggest designating a “mask monitor” to check everyone has their mask available when leaving the house.