An engagement ring was found at Blantyre train station.

Help us find the owner of engagement ring that was found at Blantyre train station

The lost ring was picked up by a teacher on her way home last week.


An appeal has been made to trace the owner of an engagement ring found at Blantyre train station.

The lost ring was picked up by a teacher on her way home last week. And she is now desperate to put a smile on the face of its wearer.

It caught the eye of Larissa Croan on Tuesday, September 8, at around 3.25pm. She is now hoping to reach anyone who may have taken a train around that time to get in touch.

“I was just heading home”, Larissa explained. “It wasn’t raining so I went to sit on the seats and as I sat down I just saw the glimpse of gold underneath the seat, picked it up, thought it might just be junk jewellery until I looked and knew it wasn’t.

“It was under one of the metal seats at Blantyre station. I’ve put the post up on Facebook in different groups. The reason it’s not been handed in at Central Station is that if someone lost it in Blantyre they wouldn’t think to go to Central Station to get it as it wasn’t on a train.”

The ring is plain gold with a stone, and most likely an engagement ring – thought to be pretty expensive. The owner will be asked to confirm more specific details when they get in touch.

Larissa, who recently had her own lost jewellery returned, is determined to find the owner of the ring, hoping fate will bring it home.

She added: “I really want the owner to find it and not have it go in the black hole of lost property.

“Ironically, I lost my own Tiffany bracelet around two weeks ago and it was found and handed in, so I want to use fate for the next person and pass it forward. Knowing how I felt when I lost my bracelet, I was absolutely gutted and the delight when I found it. I just want to see someone smile again.

“It could be a granny’s ring or something that’s been handed down. It must mean something to somebody so I just want to see them smile when they get it back.”

The ring will be looked after by Larissa until the end of the month, allowing time for the owner to get in touch. She will then hand it in to police thereafter if it is still not claimed.

“If nobody claims it through our posts online then I’ll hand it in to the police station but I’d like to see if I can reach the owner first”, she added.

If you are the owner of this lost ring, you can contact the Hamilton Advertiser by email: or message our Facebook or Twitter pages and we will put you in touch with Larissa.