Cloud streaming support is being added to over 150 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate titles


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to play over 150 games via the cloud as of September 15, 2020.

Earlier this year, Microsoft confirmed cloud game streaming would be coming to Game Pass Ultimate via Project xCloud, which lets users stream and play console titles on a range of devices like smartphones and tablets.

Now the company has unveiled the full list of games that will support cloud streaming when xCloud is officially integrated into Game Pass Ultimate, and there are plenty of familiar faces from first and third party studios including Halo 5: Guardians, Forza Horizon 4, Grounded, Destiny 2, Frostpunk, and Untitled Goose Game.

Those titles and more will be made avaialble in 22 countries at first, with Microsoft explaining it wants to ensure stability before scaling xCloud globally.

The news comes a few days after Microsoft revealed the price and launch date for its next generation consoles, the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X -- both of which will be available to purchase through financing options that include Game Pass Ultimate.

Microsoft also intends to add more value to Game Pass Ultimate by integrating EA Play later this year. The partnership will bring EA's subscription service to Game Pass Ultimate at no extra cost, adding popular franchises like FIFA, Battlefield, and The Sims to the Game Pass Ultimate roster.

For more information on which Game Pass titles will support xCloud streaming, head on over to Xbox Wire.