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Lauren Drain Stuns In Crocheted Bikini & Claps Back At Troll Who Said She Looks Like A Man

Lauren showed off her impressive physique in a green swimsuit.


Lauren showed off her impressive physique in a green swimsuit.

Lauren Drain, a fitness model whose impressive physique has earned her the unofficial title of “The World’s Sexiest Nurse,” used a photo of her scantily-clad body to clap back at a troll who criticized her appearance.

In the Instagram update that she shared on Sunday, Lauren revealed that a male Instagram user responded to one of her pictures by saying that she looks “like a man.” She said that she checked out his profile, and her assessment of his appearance was that he looked “like a little boy.” She also suggested that it’s a sign of insecurity when men criticize “strong women,” and they do it to because they believe it will make them feel less insecure about their physical shortcomings.

The picture Lauren chose to include with her clapback was a visual representation of her strength and confidence. She wore a green crocheted bikini that had a handmade appearance. Her ample bust looked like it was threatening to spill out of her skimpy top. A few thick strings were loosely woven around the neckline to create a detail that drew further attention to her chest. The rope-like cords also formed the shoulder straps and a halter tie. The latter extended down from her neck in a V that got buried in her deep cleavage.

Lauren’s bottoms had a micro front topped with strings that were knotted to create triangular shapes. Together, they formed a design like a lotus flower. On each side of the bottoms, three cords curved around the model’s hips.

Lauren’s barely-there swimwear perfectly showcased her ripped abs, muscular thighs, and powerful arms. A pair of tan platform sandals with high block heels also elongated her legs.

She posed with her left arm underneath her bust. With her right hand, she reached up to touch a lock of her long blond hair. Her silky tresses were swept over her right shoulder.
Someone said I look like a man... I looked at his profile & noticed he looks like a little boy. Go figure - little boys are always insecure & attack strong women to feel better about themselves🤣 FYI my challenge starts in just 2 weeks and already half full🙈

If any trolls attacked Lauren in the comments section of her latest post, they were drowned out by the overwhelming number of supportive messages. Lauren’s followers praised her good looks and commended her for working so hard to maintain her fit figure.

“You look great! Little boys are just jealous because they won’t put in work,” read one response to her post.

“Very true someone who isn’t happy with their self is going to try and bring others down especially if they feel they have no chance with that person,” another remark read.

“You do NOT look like a man. You look like perfection. Ignore the haters,” a third admirer advised.

“Um you look like a goddess, he must be smoking that pipe,” read a fourth comment.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lauren’s husband showed her fans just how much he loves her enviable body in a cheeky photo that included a peek at her peachy derriere.