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Bri Teresi Goes Topless And Flaunts Tan Lines In Most Recent Update


Prolifically provocative model Bri Teresi did not disappoint fans with her most recent social media post on Sunday afternoon. She thrilled her 1 million Instagram followers with a pair of snaps in which she took advantage of early morning light and the last warm days of late summer.

Bri posed in what appeared to be a small metal boat, which was painted white, with spots of rust and cracks in the paint revealing the effects of wind and weather.

She perched on one of the benches and placed her feet on the other in front of her. Both seats were draped in a crisp, white cloth that covered the interior of the vessel.

In the first image, Bri flexed her abdominal muscles and sat straight up, covering her bare, voluptuous breasts with her outstretched arms. She rested her hands on her knees.

She pouted her lips and parted them seductively, gazing at the camera with an intense expression.

The background consisted of blurry expanse of golden water, textured with tiny ripples from a gentle breeze.

In the second image, the sun caught the surface just so, and it reflected a burst of shimmering light behind Bri, beautifully illuminating the lines of her slender figure.

Distinct tan lines were visible as she leaned forward and crossed her forearm over her bust.

Bri credited Los Angeles based photographer Jentrie Bentley for the photoshoot.
Sunday mornings 🌿🌞 by @jentriee

Bri’s loyal Instagram followers were quick to compliment the blond bombshell for her stunning appearance, both by hitting the “like” button, as well as expressing their feelings in the comments section. Most fans elected to leave series of emoji denoting affection — most commonly used seemed to be the heart-eyes symbol, followed by the flame.

“Next time I come to LA I’m going to bring you some clothes,” joked one fan. Bri responded with the laughing-crying emoji.

“So gorgeous as always girlie,” declared a second person.

“Thank you my Auburn friend,” said a third follower, not referring to her hair but to her location, which she geotagged in a small town in California.

“Can I come with you sweetheart?” inquired a fourth fan, attempting to sweeten their proposal with heart, kiss, and flame symbols.

Just a few weeks ago, Bri flaunted a very different look while showing off her incredible physique. As covered by The Inquisitr, she rocked a pale pink sports bra and bicycle shorts during an intense upper body workout at the gym.

The six-part video reel demonstrated her stellar form as she performed the exercises with seemingly effortless grace.