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Pokimane returns to live streaming as a VTuber, breaks the internet


Of late, we have talked about Pokimane and the plethora of recent controversies she has been involved in. The streamer has seen an elaborate fall from grace over the past few months and emerged as one of the most-hated internet personalities.

All this perhaps led to Pokimane announcing towards the beginning of August that she would be taking a one-month break from social media.

During the time away, (now former) YouTuber Leafy was terminated permanently from the platform, owing to a series of videos he posted about Pokimane and her fans. Before that, Keemstar and Leafy claimed that the 24-year-old had been lying about not having a boyfriend.

According to them, she wants her 'simp' fans to continue donating and subscribing to her channel, which they won't if they think/know that she has a boyfriend.

Leafy was banned hours after posting a video titled "content stone age - pokimane," as seen below.

Pokimane claimed that she had nothing to do with the ban, even if that did not stop the internet from blaming her. And upon her return, she has made another announcement which had left the internet buzzing.

Pokimane returns to live streaming as a VTuber, breaks the internet

Yesterday, the Twitch star announced that she would be making her debut as a 'Vtuber,' and 'Vtubing' involves virtual characters who host the streamer's videos. The 'digital avatar' typically interacts with fans and has become quite a phenomenon of late.

Various content creators have developed such characters for themselves, and the trend has gained traction across both YouTube and Twitch.

Regardless, even if quite a few content creators were happy with the move and thought that her decision would pave the way for Vtubing to become more prevalent, others do not think so.

People accused her of running after money, and said that she wants to join the bandwagon to 'grow and gain even more popularity.'
Image Credits: Pokimane, Twitter

However, quite a few others did not think that there was anything wrong with her decision and appreciated her for supporting the community's 'real artists.'

Overall, the internet seems to be at a crossroads about her latest decision.

Some of her fans even used the opportunity to do what they are best-known, and criticized most, for.

Some also suggested that 'people' are only upset because they would no longer be able to see her real face while she streams!
Image Credits: Pokimane, Twitter

Published 14 Sep 2020, 18:11 IST