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Trump Tries To Pass Off Photo From 2016 As New, Gets Called Out By Photographer


Donald Trump tweeted several photos showing homes and vehicles decorated with his name by his supporters as he prepare for a campaign rally in Nevada.
Unfortunately, one photo was from 2016, and the original photographer immediately called him out for the deception.
The tweet showed a home filled with dozens of Trump yard signs in rows, which covered the entire lawn. “WOW- THANK YOU! #MAGA,” Trump tweeted.
The original photographer, Alec MacGillis who works for ProPublica, immediately called out the president in a tweet writing, “1) This picture is from four years ago. 2) I took the photo. Where’s my credit?” He then followed up with a tweet with a photo which he posted back in March 2016. It was then published in an article on ProPublica in November 2016.

[via Indy 100, cover image via Evan El-Amin /]