First Minister Nicola Sturgeon views the new Covid - 19 track and trace app on a phone at the Scottish Parliament (Image: Getty Images)

No let-up now on protecting each other against Covid-19 or we'll all pay later

Record View says our reporter being among first to get alert on Scotland’s new coronavirus contact tracing system app reminds us this virus is real and infecting more and more of us.


Our reporter Kirsty Feerick was among the first to get an alert on Scotland’s new Covid contact tracing system.

She already knew who had it – her partner had tested positive – but seeing it confirmed again on her own phone really hammers home the reality.

It underlines some potentially ­life-saving messages for all of us. First, this virus is real, it’s here and it’s infecting more and more of us.
Kirsty Feerick (Image: UGC)

It is also easy to catch, as Kirsty’s partner knows only too well despite taking precautions.

It highlights the need to scrupulously follow the guidance. And it shows the new Protect Scotland alert works.

It cannot be stressed enough how bad coronavirus can be. And the latest ­infection figures show the rate is increasing quickly.

The last time this many people were confirmed positive in a single day ­Scotland was already deep in lockdown.

At the very least we all need to follow the rules to protect ourselves.

But we can all help by downloading the phone app and making sure we all do what we can to protect each other.

Connection is key
Richard Leonard (Image: Getty Images)

Richard Leonard has seen off the latest attempted “coup” but he still has a mountain to climb.

And if he thinks his troubles are over he is surely mistaken.

Leonard is a decent man who thinks he can make a difference but the polls say otherwise and the ­frontbenchers who quit in anger made that feeling all too clear.

He admits in today’s Daily Record that he has to be “better” at getting his message across.

That should be a given for the leader of a party with such a pedigree in Scotland.

It’s true his policies resonate but it’s also true few connect the dots to him. Instead, the SNP continues to ride high while a constitutional muddle sees other voters peel off to the Tories.

If Leonard wants to see this through to the election, he has to do more than come up with interesting policies.

He has to connect. It’s a tall order, and he doesn’t have long to sort it out – or face a drubbing in May.

Get collecting

Mums and dads across Scotland have been delighted as youngsters played football friendlies again.

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