The Burberry check was first used to line our raincoats in the 1920s and remains an enduring house icon.(Instagram @burberry)

Burberry set to host its Spring/Summer 2020 fashion show on live-streaming service ‘Twitch’

As fashion houses experiment with different formats of presentation amid COVID-19 restrictions, Burberry opts to livestream their Spring/Summer 2021 collection on the video-game streaming platform ‘Twitch’.


On Monday, Burberry announced that it will be livestreaming its Spring/Summer 2021 show on the live video-streaming platform ‘Twitch’. The show will be live on 17 September, later this week. In doing so, Burberry will be the first ever luxury brand to do so on such a huge scale.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the fashion world has been in a frenzy trying to figure out how not to lose the glamour and excitement of their ‘catwalk shows’ during this year’s fashion week. What used to be a time of celebration and revelry has turned into one filled with social distancing protocols and make-up hiding face masks.

Fashion houses have had to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to be able to host their shows. With Burberry and Twitch’s partnership, it will be able to put up a show that is completely remote, with no in person attendance.

Twitch is essentially a video game streaming platform that allows its users to stream their gameplay in real time with their fans and viewers. Rather than just being a viewing platform, Twitch allows the audience to directly interact with the gamers and creators on a personal level.

The platform is owned by Amazon and it has seen a huge uptake in its global popularity over the course of this past year, to such an extent that it is now being widely used by non-gamers as well.

The fact that a luxury brand like Burberry has chosen Twitch as their preferred platform gives testament to the fact that during the coronavirus pandemic, gaming has gone completely mainstream, and that Burberry’s legacy of newness and innovation still holds true.

The chief marketing officer at Burberry, Rod Manley said, ““Burberry has always been a brand of firsts and partnering with Twitch continues this legacy. Twitch unlocks an exciting new space where our Burberry community can be digitally transported to feel like they have a virtual seat at our live show.”

Rod Manley also commented that the interactive experience between the brand and the guests will personalise the viewing journey even more.

(The story has been posted with wire inputs from Reuters)

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