Laci Kay Somers / Instagram

Laci Kay Somers Stretches Out In Jade Green Lingerie


Laci Kay Somers‘ 10.9 million Instagram followers know that her social media account is chock-full of sexy images and videos, typically featuring the model in some sort of skimpy ensemble, whether she’s scantily-clad in a bikini or a thong. Her most recent video, which she shared to the platform on Sunday, September 13, showed Laci wearing a sheer, green bra-and-panty set that made her fans go wild.

In the seductive clip, Laci wore a deep teal bra with straps that circled around her shoulders. The top boasted cut-outs on her chest, which only served to amplify her buxom bust. She paired the garment with matching thong panties that put her curvaceous derriere on full display.

Her icy blond-gray locks were parted in the middle and slid down her shoulder and onto the floor in voluminous, straight strands.

Laci struck various poses while she stretched out on the hardwood floor, laying on her stomach. She first tilted her head downwards and clutched her hair with her hand. She gave the camera some serious bedroom eyes, her plump pout set in a straight line. She then stuck out her tongue, making the footage more playful and showing off her pearly white teeth. She put her arms out in front of her, crossing them at the wrists. She bent her head downwards, giving the lens a sly smile. She arched her back, which made her bare booty pop.

The clip used a filter that made everything sparkle.

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Laci’s millions of followers were quick to respond in the comments section of the post, in awe of her beauty and the racy ensemble.

“Love that color on u,” wrote one fan.

“I feel like this one was just for me,” replied another person, following up their comment with a crying-laughing emoji and a smiley face with heart eyes.

“WOW,” declared a third follower in all-caps, punctuating their message with two drooling smiley faces.

“Queen,” simply said a fourth social media user, including a crown emoticon for emphasis.

Many others reacted with rows of heart, flame, and heart-eye emoji.

At the time of this writing, the sultry Instagram post racked up more than 68,000 views, received over 28,000 likes, and hit more than 600 comments.

One of Laci’s most recent lingerie clips on the social media platform depicted her wearing a neon green set that showcased all of her famous curves. To make the footage even more seductive, Laci modeled in a bathroom. The undergarments flaunted serious skin.