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Texas airport to offer lease to Chick-fil-A


San Antonio International Airport will offer a lease to Chick-fil-A, according to an informal settlement between city leaders and the Federal Aviation Administration.

“In addition, the FAA will continue to monitor the City’s implementation of the above steps to ensure that they are completed in a timely, reasonable, and fair manner,” FAA official Jonathan Klein said in a letter Thursday to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Thursday.

The FAA last year opened an investigation into claims of religious discrimination against the fast-food eatery following a city council vote to bar the restaurant a spot at the airport over its charitable giving to evangelical groups, including some that oppose gay marriage.

City officials told TV station KSAT on Sunday that the informal agreement was reached after Chick-fil-A’s “publicly stated change-of-position on its charitable giving policy.”

Chick-fil-A announced in November a new giving strategy based on poverty, hunger and homelessness.