Shrewsbury is starting line for tuk-tuk rally


Car, motorcycle and even rallies can often be seen on the roads of Shropshire.
The tuk-tuks at the Albright Hussey

But heads turned when tuk-tuk enthusiasts based their first UK rally in the county.

While there have been tuk-tuks in the county for a long time, more usually in cities, Tuk-Tuk UK and Large Minority Travel joined forces to hold an event which saw the rally wind its way from Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth and back.

The 27 participants, with 12 tuk-tuks, were based at the Albright Hussey, Shrewsbury.
Tuk-tuks on their Welsh rally

Spokesman, Julian Carnall, said the rally raised money for the Rosie-May Foundation, a children's charity.

"The route took us from Shrewsbury, to Abergavenny to Aberystwyth and back to Shrewsbury, 350 miles in tuk-tuks," he said.

"Teams came from all around the UK, all socially distancing very well, as we all tried to get back to some sort of normality.

"Teams also participated in some challenges along the way, including learning some Welsh, trying local delicacies and visiting off-the-beaten-path destinations.

"We must give a special mention to the Albright Hussey and Paul and his staff.

"They were perfect hosts and the food went down exceptionally well with all of us."