Sir Billy Connolly says he’d swap posh American deli sandwich for ‘joy’ of roll and square sausage


SIR Billy Connolly has told how he’d happily swap a posh American deli sandwich — for a roll and square sausage.

The Big Yin, 77 — who lives in the US — said the Scottish brekkie fave is a “joy” to munch on and less messy than other snacks.
Billy Connolly says he'd hold the Scottish breakfast roll against any other food
The Big Yin branded a roll and square sausage a 'joy'

The Glasgow-born comic said: “Square sliced sausage in a roll is a food I would hold against any food in the world.

“I get sandwiches in America that you can’t get your mouth over — gigantic things, corned beef and deli sandwiches.

“And when you bite one end it all spews out the other end.

“Things that are impossible to eat, like a taco. Unless you’re wearing water-proofed trousers.

“A roll and sausage is just such a joy.”

Sir Billy revealed he refuses to see his 2013 Parkinson’s diagnosis as a death sentence — but admitted the disease had robbed him of his stand-up career.

He said: “I had a doctor in New York, he was a bit of an eejit. He said, ‘You understand it’s an incurable disease?’.

“And I said, ‘Yes, but you understand it’s much nicer to say, We’ve yet to find a cure?. Give me a light in the tunnel’.”

Sir Billy added: “I can’t perform the way I used to. It doesn’t roll the way it used to.

“I would phone home to my daughter, to my wife and say, ‘I can’t think of anything funny. Can you think of anything funny I’ve said in the last couple of days?’.”

The legendary comedian also joked he was growing a fuller beard again — after his illness made him drool.

He told the Great Scot podcast: “I shaved it down to a little arrow point.

“And then the next day I was dabbing it with my hankie. Every day’s an adventure.”