Here’s all 150+ Xbox Cloud Gaming launch games


With Microsoft’s announcement that they’re renaming their in-development game streaming service Project xCloud to Xbox Cloud Gaming in preparation for tomorrow’s launch, the company has revealed all of the service’s launch games. 

For a list of all 150+ Xbox Cloud Gaming launch titles, check out the list below. If we have a review for the game it will be linked.

Unfortunately, Xbox Cloud Gaming won’t be available on iOS devices due to Apple’s unreasonable restrictions as they work on their own competitor. However, the service will be available on most Android smartphones and tablets.

In order to use Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android, players are required to have an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. All game saves will be uploaded to the cloud for instant access on Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox One or PC for Windows Store games. do you think of the Xbox Cloud Gaming launch lineup? Will you be using the service on PC? Tell us in the comments below.

Xbox Cloud Gaming launches on September 15th. Games will enter and leave the service as time goes on.