Cluvens IW-SK Is The Ultimate Overkill Gaming Chair


Most people will be fine with a modest gaming setup, with maybe a fancy gaming chair. But the Cluvens IW-SK takes things to the extreme just by the nature of its existence. Rather than looking like a normal table-and-chair workstation, it looks instead like a scorpion.

The Cluvens IW-SK takes up a lot of space, as you can probably imagine. And it’s also motorised, meaning the amount of space it takes up can be more or less, depending on what position it’s currently in. The product website says that, when fully extended, it is 208cm tall, 165cm long and 77cm wide.

Not content with just being a fancy reclinable chair, it also comes with massage and heating functions. That last one is clearly something we don’t need in a country that’s never cold anyway. You can attach up to three monitors to the “tail” of the Cluvens IW-SK. Of course, there’s also the option of putting one ultrawide monitor instead.

On its website, Cluvens say “you will never regret the weeks of waiting” once you place a reservation for the IW-SK. But its price seriously begs to differ. After all, the company prices the scorpion gaming setup at US$3299 (~RM13694). Alternatively, it’s available on Alibaba for US$1900 (~RM7887), for some reason.

(Source: Cluvens. Image: The Verge)