Urine Luck: Not pee, ‘only soda,’ celeb chef tells pissed-off kingdom


A celeb chef who infuriated the nation by burying and starving a chicken recently has found a way to reach even more people – through the power of his urine. 

Sahawat Chopchingchai, aka Momm Tanaddak, said in response to massive outrage yesterday that people misunderstood a photo of him peeing into the Mae Ngat Somboon Chon Dam in Chiang Mai province – a photo captioned “I need to release myself!” You see, the 45-year-old chef and YouTuber told national park officials, he was just playing around and actually only poured soda water into the reservoir. 

The episode that had him again in hot – or, at least, warmish – water one month after he last offended everyone began Saturday when he posted a photo standing over the reservoir wearing only blue shorts. His back is to the camera, his hands 5- and 7-o’clock, and a frothy pool can be seen spreading in the water below him. He later deleted the post.

Phupichit Chuaibamroong, head of the Sri Lanna National Park where the dam is located, said he sent park officials to question Sahawat on Sunday. Sahawat apologized to them and denied any intention to damage the national park’s image. He wasn’t charged with any crime but received a strong tongue-lashing instead.

Negative attention must be in short supply as it was just a month ago that he was reeling from another self-inflicted scandal after posting a video showing how he buried a chicken up to its beak and fed it coconut milk by dropper for two weeks to – he claimed – tenderize and sweeten its meat.


YouTuber buries chicken alive and feeds it coconut milk for sweeter meat

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