Donald Trump: 'If Biden Wins, the Mob Wins'


President Donald Trump warned that if former Vice President Joe Biden was elected, violent leftist mobs like Antifa would be empowered.

“If Biden wins, China wins. If Biden wins, the mob wins,” he said at a campaign rally in Minden, Nevada on Saturday night.

The president mocked the Antifa rioters pointing out that they were weak spoiled rich kids.

“A lot of them now are wealthy. They are like these wealthy spoiled kids that have no clue about life,” Trump said.
Hea dded that sometimes the rioters looked strong because they were wearing large coats, but that underneath, they had skinny little arms.

“Then they go home, and they live in a basement too. They’re in mom and dad’s basement,” Trump said, alluding to former Vice President Joe Biden also living in his basement during the coronavirus crisis.

But the president said that Antifa and other violent leftist rioters would be held accountable for their crimes throughout the summer in some of America’s major cities.

“Antifa … they’re bad people, and you know what? They have to pay a price for the damage and the horror that they’ve caused,” he said.

Trump again accused Biden of being complicit during the riots, noting that he was controlled by his “left-wing puppet masters.”
“Biden’s plan is to appease domestic terrorists. My plan is to arrest domestic terrorists,” he said.