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The Week’s Apple News Debris: Apple’s September 15 Event

• There is a lot of thinking that there will not be a focus on the iPhone 12 during Apple’s September 15 event. Instead, a second event in mid-October will launch the iPhone 12. So let’s take those two in order.

• First, from PC Magazine: “What to Expect at Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ Event.” tl;dr summary:

   •  Apple Watch 6
   •  Apple Watch 6 SE
   •  watchOS 7
   •  iPad Air 4
   •  iOS/iPadOS 14
   •  lower probability: OTH headphones
   •  lower probability: smaller, less expensive HomePod

To which I would add Apple’s new bundles.

• Second, that oh-so anticipated 5G iPhone 12. From ZDNet we have: “Apple iPhone 12: Price, launch date, 5G, and all the rumors and leaks you need to know.

This article cites Jon Prosser’s fabulous list of four iPhones with:

   •  Display size
   •  Display type
   •  Number of cameras
   •  Price

The top two will have LIDAR. Other sources suggest only the top 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max will have 5G’s fatest mmWave support while the bottom three will support the slower 5G bands.

But don’t get too excited about 5G just yet. PCMag’s Lead Mobille Analyst Sascha Segan takes a hard-nosed look at 5G performance by the major carriers. “Race to 5G September 2020: The Fastest Mobile Network Is …” Subtitle: “As a slew of new 5G phones hit shelves this month, our 26-city Fastest Mobile Networks test throws a wrench into the carriers’ 5G marketing plans.”


• Finally, how will the iPhone 12 stack up against the new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE? See: “Samsung Galaxy S20 FE specs confirmed — and iPhone 12 should be worried.

You can ignore the hype in the title. And the Samsung’s battery rating — because the A14 will likely be much more power efficient than the Samsung’s Snapdragon processor. The rest is interesting reading.

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