Australia's Parrtjima light festival 2020 – in pictures

Alice Springs is illuminated with light installations and interactive artworks for a unique celebration of Aboriginal arts, culture and storytelling


The Welcome to Country ceremony performed by Gibbo.

Arleye (Emu) Children’s Discovery Area.

Emma Davis models a T-shirt with design by Donovan Daniels as part of the Parrtjima outreach program.

A visitor to the exhibition enjoying Alison Multa’s artwork, Grounded.

Walking down Todd Mall during the exhibition.

Emu Laying Eggs at Night, by artist Lachlan Dodds-Watson.

Artwork on the MacDonnell Ranges: The Ebb and Flow of Sky and Country.

Patsy Coleman performing in Todd Mall.

A visitor stands under one of the works by artist Benita Cavanagh, an Aboriginal woman from the community of Santa Teresa.

Playing with Emu Laying Eggs at Night.

Kids playing at the Children’s Discovery Area.

Alatye (Bush Yam), by artist Rachel Wallace.

Enjoying Grounded, by artist Benita Cavanagh.

The MacDonnell Ranges are illuminated, accompanied by a dynamic soundscape and narration by AGB Events First Nations adviser Rhoda Roberts and traditional owner Benedict Kngwarraye Stevens.