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UAE approves COVID-19 vaccine for front-line workers

The announcement was made on Monday


UAE announced the approval of vaccines for front-line workers on Monday.

Abdul Rahman Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention, said the findings of studies during the final stages of phase III clinical trials show that the vaccine is effective and has a strong response, generating antibodies to the virus.

"The vaccine’s safety have been reviewed and results show it is safe for use," the minister added during a press briefing.

Dr Nawal Al-Kaabi, Chairperson of the National Clinical Committee for Coronavirus and the principal investigator of the third phase of clinical trials of the inactive vaccine to combat COVID-19, spoke in detail about the vaccine at the briefing.

She said that 31,000 people from 125 countries took part in the vaccine clinical trials over a period of six weeks, but the vaccine was tried successfully on 1,000 volunteers who suffer from chronic diseases.

“The preliminary results are encouraging, however studies will continue. Side effects are simple and come as expected just like any other vaccine. No dangerous side effects or symptoms have been reported,” Al Kaabi said. The vaccine was tested on 1,000 volunteers suffering from chronic diseases, and no complications occurred to them.