Holly Barker / Instagram

Holly Barker Rocks A Skimpy, Mismatched Bikini On The Beach In Malibu


Holly Barker wowed her Instagram audience with another sizzling bikini shot on Monday, September 14, starting the work week off right.

The photo captured the model striking a confident pose on the beach. The background of the photo was blurred, but viewers could just make out the sandy surface. The geotag on the update indicated that Holly was in Malibu, California. Holly placed both hands on her hips and gave a sultry stare into the camera.

The blond bombshell sent temperatures soaring as she rocked a skimpy bikini that showcased her gym-honed figure. The mismatched swimsuit included a purple and blue tie-dye, halterneck style top. It fastened over Holly’s sculpted shoulders, showcasing her defined biceps. The garment featured a daringly low neckline that dipped deep down her chest and flaunted her ample assets. The front of the swim top crisscrossed under the blond babe’s bust and its thin strings were tight on her ribs.

The bottoms of the suit were just as sexy. The briefs were a bright, white hue that popped against Holly’s allover glow. The piece had a thick waistband that was worn high on Holly’s midsection but her sculpted abs were still well on display. The piece was tight on her figure, accentuating her tiny waist and hourglass silhouette. The sexy cut also showed off Holly’s shapely thighs.
Some days I wake up self motivated and other days I know I need to learn it from amazing leaders who have achieved incredible success before me. . I can only believe in others as long as I fuel my ability of self. Some days leave me drained. Sometimes external energies give off a heat I cannot cool. I wish I could solve stress. I can't. I can feel it. I can be a positive presence. But we are all independent of the inputs we receive. It might be right there, but if you are not ready to take it, if you judge it before it even surfaces, it is lost. . The most important thing to me is to know I'm not alone and to be conscious of when I need to hear it. A positive affirmation. A "yes I can" To select my input and to define what output I want to lead. The ideal is always the want, but if I'm fueled with the opposite of what I know I need, the output is out of my control. . We are all a product of our consumption. The more clearly we can define our vision, our values, our goals and intent, the more clarity comes and assures us that all we ever need is all that we have. That we possess our ability to create whatever environment we want to create. That abundance is abundant and that the more we have, the more we can give: Knowledge Resources Connections Empowerment . Detach things as the definition of worth Input worth and allow it to define purpose ♥️ @lee_lhgfx

The model pulled her platinum blond tresses back into a high, flirty ponytail. A few loose curls were left out to frame her face. In the caption, Holly shared an inspirational message and reminded her followers that everyone lacks motivation sometimes.

The skin-baring snap proved to be popular with Holly’s fans as evidenced by the amount of traffic she received in the comments section. Several social media users applauded her for the uplifting message while a few more gushed over her curvy figure. A few more fans were unable to find the right words and used emoji instead.

“Such a beautiful person, and yes you can you’ve proven that time and time again, you make it so easy to love you, your energy flows thru you and into everyone you meet, you are amazing…!!!” one social media user gushed.

“Wowwwwww really beautiful body sexy perfect god god,” a second Instagrammer shared alongside a series of red hearts.

“You look amazing Holly; Happy Monday Gorgeous,” one more follower wrote, adding a few flame emoji.

“Perfect body perfect lady. What else can we say that has not already been said” a fourth commented.