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Online 24-hour bootcamp to create 100 startups overnight

Israeli entrepreneurs, investors and mentors unite in biggest event of its kind to inspire new entrepreneurship during Covid crisis.


Entrepreneurs, investors and more than 50 mentors in the Startup Nation are uniting to create a unique online 24-hour startup bootcamp, aiming to generate 100 startups in just 24 hours.

The overnight #100StartupsChallenge begins September 15 at 6pm, with approximately 500 aspiring entrepreneurs including those who are unemployed, self-employed, immigrants and students.

The event, operationally headquartered at WeWork Hazerem in Tel Aviv, is backed by 20 partners including the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality, Google for Startups, Microsoft for Startups, Israel Smart City Institute, Gvahim and Techstars.

Spearheaded by Yossi Dan, chief of the Innovation Lab at Challengy, the online bootcamp “was conceived as a result of Covid-19 when it became clear that many talented professionals find themselves unemployed. The 24-hour event is based on the concept that entrepreneurship can drive a positive change.”

Participants will be matched using a range of relevant data points to create dynamic groups in the fields of fintech, cyber, blockchain, ag-tech and ed-tech, among others. Mentors will guide them through teamwork sessions.

Keynote speakers are former Jerusalem mayor and current member of Knesset Nir Barkat (MK); OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved; and Israel Innovation Authority CEO Aharon Aharon Tel Aviv Deputy Mayor Ofira Yochanan Wolk will kick off the event.

At the end, the top 10 teams will pitch their ideas at a “Shark Tank” type session in front of a panel of early-stage investors and angel investors.

“Our team and community of outstanding mentors and speakers can’t wait to share their insights and experiences to help kick-start 100 new initiatives,” said Dan.

The founding team also includes Tania Amar, founding CEO of sales and marketing consultancy CXP Consulting; and business development and marketing professional Assaf Luxembourg.

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