Leaked Target ad and Apple's YouTube channel might hold clues to iPhone 12 launch plans


Apple is going to hold an event called "Time Flies" on September 15. It is widely expected to announce the Apple Watch Series 6 and iPad Air 4 during the digital event, and we may also get to see the AirPods Studio, a 14-inch MacBook Pro, and AirTags. The company could also roll out iOS 14watchOS 7, and the Apple One subscription bundle on Tuesday. 
Although the number of announcements is high enough to warrant a dedicated event, some within the tech space cannot wrap their heads around it and are still insistent that we will also see the iPhone 12 this week. And sure enough, some recent sightings do raise the possibility.

Apple has delisted iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 trailers

Apple's YouTube channel is the biggest indicator that the new models are not far away. The company has removed iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro promos from its official YouTube account. There are also no traces of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR on its channel anymore.
The company has also deleted the Apple Watch Series 5 promo video. If the clip has been unlisted in preparation for the launch of its successor, it's only natural to assume that iPhone 11 trailer has been removed to make way for the iPhone 12 announcement.
Unless the company is planning to release the new models in the coming weeks, it doesn't make sense to remove the marketing material for the current models.
By that logic, the iPhone 12 will share the stage with the Apple Watch Series 6 on September 15.

Case makers and telecom operators are also hinting at a September unveiling

Some other clues also make us question the alleged October launch time frame. For instance, a leaked internal Target ad contains placeholder references to the Apple Watch Series 6 and a new iPhone. The draft features images of the iPhone 11 and Apple Watch Series 5 and it also shows editor notes. The unfinished ad is not necessarily an indication that the iPhone 12 will be announced next week and it could be that the retailer wants to be prepared, just in case Apple decides to surprise us all on Tuesday.

Target's alleged placeholder draft for the iPhone 12
German Telekom has also launched its smartphone reservation service and the carrier is known to do this before major releases. Since Apple is the only major vendor that is expected to announce new models in the near future, we can deduce that the page is meant for the iPhone 12. 
Vodafone UK is also hinting at the impending launch of new iPhone models.

A German operator apparently launched its reservation service for the iPhone 12 last week
A store in Canada has already started selling the iPhone 12 cases made by accessory maker Baseus, which again doesn't guarantee that a launch is right around the corner. Totallee, which usually launches cases before new iPhone models are announced, has also listed its iPhone 12 cases on its website.

iPhone 12 cases spotted at a store in Canada
Does this mean we will see the iPhone 12 on Tuesday? Well, most reports point towards a delay in the release of the new iPhone models. Per most sources, we are looking at a late October announcement. 
Apple itself had earlier confirmed that the new models won't go on sale in September. It never said the phones wouldn't be unveiled in September though. 
Thus, we will have to wait until Tuesday to find out if the company will break away from its seven-year tradition of September announcements.