Apollo for Reddit gets flair images, crossposts, translation, and more


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What you need to know

Sure, Reddit can be the black hole of the internet but it can also be a great escape and it's even more enjoyable when you're using a great app. Apollo for Reddit is my go-to on iPhone and iPad and now it has a great new update that makes it better than ever.

Apollo 1.9 is now available from the App Store and it has some big new features. The one that most people will make use of is crossposting. Not only can you now see crossposts created by other people but also post your own as well.

Support for image flair has also been added, allowing the use of images rather than boring old text in a subreddit's flair. That could be an image to show which iPhone you're using, or which sportsball team you like. Whatever that image is, Apollo now supports it.

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There's a ton more going on here as well, not least the ability to have tweets be translated when you need them to be.

A selection of the biggest changes includes:

Crosspost Viewing Crossposting (taking an existing post and reposting it to a similar subreddit) has been a big part of Reddit for ages, but recently it became a full-fledged feature where you can see exactly which subreddit it came from, and quickly jump to the original post. Apollo now supports this fully! Crossposting Similar to being able to view crossposts, you can also easily perform a crosspost if you want as well! Image Flair Flair is a little "tag" users can add to their usernames in subreddit, and some subreddits even allow small images/icons to be added in addition to text, like the icon for your favorite sports team, or a character from your favorite TV show. Apollo now shows these beautifully! Easy Language Translation Reddit is home to a diverse set of communities, but sometimes it's tricky to understand what's being said if the conversation is in a language you're not familiar with. Now Apollo will be able to detect if the language of a comment or post is different than the language of your iOS device, and if so, offer to quickly translate it so you can understand the conversation!

And much, much more. The update is available from the App Store now. Apollo for Reddit is a free download with in-app purchases for those who want to unlock all the Apollo hotness, too.

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