The deserted Royal Square (Photo Marc Le Cornu – Bam Perspectives) (29183328)

Government looks for a new wedding venue

THE government is seeking a new temporary wedding venue, as Covid-19 restrictions will continue to keep the ceremony room at the Office of the Superintendent Registrar closed to the public, it has been confirmed.


A spokesperson explained that they were required to provide a marriage venue at minimal cost but that the ceremony room had been used for additional registration work, including births and deaths, taken on by the Superintendent Registrar during the coronavirus crisis.

During the period between 1 July and 9 September, 19 ceremonies have taken place, some in the telephone exchange building in Chemin de Hérupe in St John, a venue which complies with physical-distancing regulations and which has been used by some couples to accommodate people who are shielding. However, it appears that it may be less than ideal.

‘While the Office of the Superintendent Registrar has not received any complaints from couples or their guests, the Minister for Home Affairs, Constable Len Norman, has been in contact with a member of the public who is unsatisfied with the external condition of the Northern Telephone Exchange,’ the spokesperson said, adding that while internal renovations had been undertaken, there had been no external updates beyond limited planting.

‘Work is ongoing to secure a more permanent Register Office, while the ceremony room in the Office of the Superintendent Registrar is unavailable. In the meantime, staff from the Superintendent Registrar’s Office ensure couples are aware that their ceremony will take place at a different venue,’ the spokesperson said.