Lucia Javorcekova / Instagram

Lucia Javorčeková Wears Nothing Under Open Shirt In Sexy New Update


Lucia Javorčeková stunned many of her 1.7 million Instagram followers on Sunday, September 13, with her latest share. The Slovakian bombshell took to the social media platform to upload a sexy image of herself in which she oozed confidence and sex appeal while wearing an open shirt and bikini bottoms that showcased her feminine figure.

The photo captured Lucia facing the camera as she stood in front of a wooden structure on a beach. According to the geotag, she was at Pokri Nero in Greece. She kicked her hips to one side as she glanced at the camera with squinty eyes and lips parted for a proud expression.

Lucia sported a white shirt with sleeves that reached just below her elbows. The front was entirely unbuttoned and she held the hems in her left hand, preventing the shirt from flying open. She carefully placed the fronts over her breast to censor the shot while still showing off a lot of her chest and cleavage, as she was braless.

On her lower body, Lucia opted for a pair of matching white bikini bottoms. They had strings that tied into bows on the sides. Lucia wore them low, showcasing her tight stomach.
Some people may decide to hate you for no reason simply because your confidence reminds them of their insecurities.

Lucia captioned the picture with a message affirming that some people might dislike you simply because “your confidence reminds them of their insecurities.”

The post has garnered more than 87,700 likes and upwards of 515 comments in under a day of going live. Her fans flocked to the comments section to rave about Lucia’s photo and message in different languages, including English, Italian and Spanish.

“It’s their loss [sparkle] [green heart] I stay with the people who make my world beautiful. Who bring me light, not storms or resentments, I’m staying with who I can be myself,” one user wrote.

“Woman of a level above all, a beauty out of the ordinary,” replied another fan.

“You are a very beautiful lady, such natural beauty no makeup needed, and that body is so tight,” a third user raved.

“Wow you are a real angel, [four sparkle emoji] your soul is very dazzling,” chimed in a fourth admirer.

Lucia is well known among her fans for her photos that highlight her figure, which she often pairs with inspiring messages about embracing one’s sensual nature. In a recent post, she could be seen lying on a large pillow by a swimming pool as she wore a skimpy white two-piece, as The Inquisitr has previously written. She included a powerful message about the duality of human nature, pointing out that we all have a “bit of the sun and moon.”