'The best thing from 2020 so far': Viewers heap praise on Captain Tom Moore as the 100-year-old fundraiser tells his Life Story to Piers Morgan


Supportive viewers have heaped praise on 'hero' Captain Tom Moore after the 100-year-old fundraiser appeared on Piers Morgan's Life Stories.

Captain Tom - who raised £32million for NHS Charities Together - opened up to the Good Morning Britain host, 55, for the new series of the ITV chat show tonight.

His tales left viewers emotional - especially as he heaped praise on his own teenage grandchildren, and when he revealed he asked not to be resuscitated after a fall last year left him hospitalised. 

Viewers quickly took to Twitter to share their support for the WWII hero - with one supporter dubbing him 'the best thing to come out of 2020 so far'.

Supportive viewers have heaped praise on 'hero' Captain Tom Moore after the 100 year-old fundraiser appeared on Piers Morgan's Life Stories (pictured) 
And eager watchers quickly took to Twitter to share their support for the WWII hero - with one supporter dubbing him 'the best thing to come out of 2020 so far'

Kim Moore said: 'Watching Captain Tom with my teenage boys. This is how to inspire the next generation.' 

Michael Todd wrote: 'Captain Sir Tom. Incredible.' 

Emma Delaney added: 'Sir Captain Tom Moore is the definition of a legend.'

Helen said: 'Captain Tom, love him to bits. A true inspiration to everyone.'

Adam Neville Tweeted: Sir Captain Tom Moore - certified legend and hero.

'Great interview so far on Life Stories.'

Nancy said she 'loved Captain Tom's interview with Piers' and Jennifer said Sir Tom is 'an overnight sensation but more importantly he's a remarkable gentleman.'

Jem wrote: 'Absolutely amazing. Had tears in my eyes/cried for nearly the full hour! 

'Captain Sir Tom Moore is an enthusiastically positive and fantastic human being, if only there were more people like him. There is no other man more worthy of doing the interview than Piers Morgan.'

Angela said: 'Just watched Sir Tom Moore on Piers Morgan's Life Stories. What a lovely man with a beautiful soul inside and out an inspiration to us all.'

Tom served in Burma while part of the Fourteenth Army, after he had been promoted to Captain Tom in 1944.

Captain Tom lauds wide range of people inspired by his fundraising
Captain Tom - who raised £32million for NHS Charities Together - opened up to the Good Morning Britain host, 55, (pictured) for the new series of his ITV chat show tonight 

In July, Captain Tom was knighted by the Queen, in her first official in-person engagement since lockdown rules kicked in.

His full official title is now Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Social media users weren't the only ones to heap praise on Captain Tom.

Clips of the hero's own grandchildren were played during the interview in a heart-warming moment that made Captain Tom himself shed a tear.

He said: 'Tomorrow's a good day. And that was a good day when I moved in with them.'

Captain Tom also spoke about a terrible fall he had in 2019, during which he broke a rib, shattered his hip and hit his head on the dishwasher - on which there is still a visible mark.

He said he put up a 'do not resuscitate' sign on his hospital door.

He said: 'I have always felt that if somebody is gravely ill and near to death to bring them back for them to die a very unpleasant death, why do that? 

'If you have gone, you have gone.

'I did not want to finish up in an old people's home without any facility of my own, having to be fed in every way. I would hate ever to be like that.'

Morgan said the interview, which Captain Tom reportedly welcomed after the pair swapped numbers and spoke regularly, was his 'greatest' episode of all time.

Morgan said the interview, which Captain Tom had welcomed after the pair swapped numbers and spoke regularly, was his 'greatest' episode of all time
The Good Morning Britain host, 55, spoke to the 100-year-old war hero, who raised £32million for NHS Charities, for the new series of his ITV chat show Life Stories

Speaking ahead of the show, Piers Morgan said Captain Tom asked for a can of Coke, a Dairy Milk bar and 'six blondes' in his dressing room.

Speaking about the show, Morgan told the Sun: 'He asked if he could come on the show, and on his rider was a can of coke, Dairy Milk chocolate bar and six blondes.

'He told me the number of blondes was "variable". He's a real ladies' man. He said to me, "Let me put it like this; I'm not allergic to girls".

'A lot of women would like to have a cup of tea with Captain Tom - he's an unashamed ladies' man, in the nicest possible way.'

Morgan previously revealed Captain Tom is 'even more charming in real life' after interviewing him for Life Stories, which will air on Sunday night.

Last week, he shared a picture of them backstage on his Instagram page, writing: 'The great man! Backstage with Captain Sir Tom Moore before our Life Stories chat. 

'First time we've met in person and he's even more charming in real life. Should be a brilliant interview.' 

He also posted a photo of the centenarian in the interview seat writing: 'In the hot seat. What a life, what a story. Captain Sir Tom Moore.'  

In a behind-the-scenes video, the host pans the camera around the Life Stories film set before stopping at Captain Tom telling viewers that this was going to be 'a very special show'.  

A TV insider said the GMB host was 'in awe' when he finally met his hero Captain Tom in person for the first time. 

The source said: 'Like the rest of the nation, Piers was in awe of Sir Tom's fundraising.  The campaign really took off after Tom appeared on Good Morning Britain, so Piers feels great pride in what Tom achieved.

Piers Morgan reveals Tom Moore's rider includes 'six blondes'
Morgan previously shared a backstage picture on his Instagram page, writing: 'First time we've met in person [and] he's even more charming in real life. Should be a brilliant interview'

'In the dark days of lock-down, it was everyday heroes, not celebs, who brought joy to the nation.

'So while it's normally scandalous figures who make the best episodes on his show, Piers knew Tom's extraordinary, inspiring story would be a big draw

In April, Piers Morgan donated £10,000 to Captain Tom Moore's 'magnificently inspiring' fundraising campaign for the NHS while he was live on Good Morning Britain.  

The then 99-year-old was walking laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS and eventually raised £32 million.

Captain Tom Moore was posted to India during the Second World War where he fought in the Arakan Campaign of 1942 to 1943

The GMB presenter said: 'Captain Tom Moore, thank you for serving your country. I'm so glad that we were able, through the brilliant NHS, to serve you back and keep you going.

'Good luck - I want to get you over the line today. Here's what I'm going to do, Tom, I'm going to put £10,000 of my own money into your fundraising today and I hope that encourages everyone watching at home to do the same.' 

Morgan called for a knighthood for Captain Tom in April, before the war veteran received the honour from the Queen at Windsor Castle in July.