Brina at the scene.

Phone thieves sent packing - when 6ft 2ins ex-boxer steps in to help old lady

'He began to swing the chain at me as if he was going to attack me with it, trying to get closer, but I’m 6ft 2ins and not so easily intimidated'


Cowards who preyed on an elderly woman met their match - when a former boxer stepped in to help.

And not even one of the louts swinging a bike chain in Paul Brindley's direction was enough to intimidate him as he sent the pair packing.

The 6ft 2ins former sportsman - now a Tamworth councillor for Spital ward - spotted the scene as he walked in Lichfield Street in the town centre.

He said: "I had just parked my car and as I walked by the council offices (Marmion House) I noticed a situation across the road that did not look right.

"There were two people, one male with a bike and one female, surrounding an old lady. I crossed the road to ensure she was OK and she said she was but she seemed shaken and uneasy.

"It transpired the man had snatched her phone just before I arrived but then handed it back as I got there.

"Once challenged, he got very irate and turned his attention to me taking offence at my checking on the lady’s welfare.

"As he got more and more aggressive he took a big chunky bike chain off his bike, following me towards the traffic lights on the corner of Silver Street, getting angrier and angrier.

"He appeared to be under the influence. He then began to swing the chain at me as if he was going to attack me with it, trying to get closer, but I’m 6ft 2ins and not so easily intimidated.

"They then made their exit from the location.

"It was not very nice to see her shaken up by the experience and witness the incident but thankfully she was unhurt and was able to go about her business.

"I urge people to be vigilant and aware of being approached by people who may be seeking an opportunity to take advantage in some way. Please always be on guard and warn elderly friends and relatives to do the same.

"I have since reported the incident to the police and have the assailants’ identities etched in my mind. I’d also like to thank a couple of witnesses, one called Russ who came to check the lady was OK after the assailants left the scene.”
The former boxer stood up to the thieves.

Russ said: "I was just on my way home from town. It was not a pleasant thing to see. There was an altercation between a young to middle-aged man and an elderly woman.

"The woman was trying to get her phone back off him and he just kept knocking her away and talking to his mate.

"Fair play to him, Mr Brindley went across and made sure she was OK. The man then got aggressive with him and took the lock off his bike and gave him a load of verbal."

Staffordshire Police said: “We received a report from a man who intervened in a suspected theft in Tamworth on Wednesday morning, September 9.

“The man witnessed a man and woman attempting to take a phone from a woman’s handbag near Weymouth House in Lichfield Street.

"Anyone with information is urged to call 101."