Leaked video shows how the iPhone 12 Pro’s camera bump is different from the 11 Pro


All eyes will be on Apple’s live stream event this Wednesday, but iPhone fans will wait little longer as this week’s event is expected to focus on Apple’s latest iPad and Apple Watch. It is speculated that the Cupertino-based company will instead debut the iPhone 12 in October, an unusual delay in their release cycle due to the current global pandemic.

So October can’t come soon enough but there is already a new leaked video shared by YouTuber Filip Koroy over Twitter that allegedly shows the rear chassis of the new 6.1″ iPhone 12 Pro.

Admittedly, we have previously seen renders of the iPhone 12 before, but the video gives us a better idea of how the phone could look like in real life. Firstly, it shows that the next iPhone will sport a finish that is similar to the iPhone 11 Pro, though the sides are now flat instead of rounded and it has a matte glass back.

From the video, we can also see that Apple has relocated the SIM card tray to the left side of the device. There is also a new cutout on the right side of the phone that might be its 5G antenna.

But the most interesting details we managed to pick out is the additional cut-out just below the ultra-wide camera. This is hinted to be the space that houses the Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) scanner.

Although the orientation and position of the iPhone 12 Pro’s triple cameras are almost identical to the 11 Pro, the black dot on the bottom right is distinctive to this model. Even if you were to put the phone in a case, you would be able to clearly distinguish the newer iPhone model from its predecessor.

The new iPhone 12 is rumoured to come in four models: a new 5.4″ iPhone, two 6.1″ iPhone models and one 6.7″ iPhone that will succeed the current iPhone 11 Pro Max. The two higher-end “Pro” models: the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are expected to come with a triple-camera setup with an additional LiDAR scanner that’s similar to the latest iPad Pro.

In case you are wondering what exactly does LiDAR do, it is a technology that has been used on planes and drones to conduct 3D map an environment. The iPad Pro’s LiDAR scanner is said to offer more advanced augmented reality (AR) features. For example, the Measure app calibrates much quicker on the latest iPad Pro. It is likely that these improvements will be carried over the new iPhone.

Rumours have suggested that Apple is developing a new AR-based app, Gobi, which will allow users to have the information brought up via AR when in certain places around the city.

Do note that all this information isn’t confirmed. The leaked video merely offers us an early peek at what the next iPhone may look like, but we will have to wait for Apple’s official event to know full specs of the phone.


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