Credit: @rmrdnl | Unsplash

iPhone 12 series may be launched on September 15


There is yet another rumour regarding the release of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12. The netizens firmly believe that the much-awaited iPhone 12 will be launched on September 15.

There is no official source to confirm this rumour; however, Apple has launched a short video that is titled “Time Flies” which may indicate that the launch event is near. The other side is that the very same video had sparked the various rumours surrounding the launch of iPhone 12 in the first place.

As that maybe, a few of the sources have tried to gather the information that supports the theory that September 15 indeed is the launch date of the next series of iPhones. The first source is none other than the Cali-based company itself.

Despite sparking rumours, Apple’s official YouTube account had launched the video of “Time Flies”, and successfully removed the promotion videos of iPhone 11/11 Pro, and Apple Watch Series 5. This may indicate the fact that Apple might launch its latest Apple Watch 6, and the launch event will also accommodate that of the iPhone 12.

It should be mentioned here that most of the Apple events of the past almost have always introduced a new iPhone series alongside other Apple wearables or devices. The other source which points towards the confirmation of the launch rumour is Target.

Target is one of the most famous product retailers in the US, and the shops across the US have revealed posters of Apple Watch 6 and iPhone 12 this week. The Deutsche Telekom has also launched a new device booking service page which only appears before major product launches.

Apple’s iPhone 12 is the only major device in the tech radar right now. Another source states that Vodafone UK to has hinted at the launch of the new iPhone. Finally, Baseus has already launched the iPhone 12 protective case in Canada, and Totallee is also selling iPhone 12 cases on its websites which could only mean that the date of release is almost close.