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‘The Kitchen’ Star Katie Lee Is Radiant As She Enjoys Dinner In Bed With Infant Daughter Iris And Dog Gus


The Kitchen star Katie Lee was radiant in a new Instagram share as she enjoyed dinner in bed with her infant daughter Iris and her dog Gus. She shared the pic to the delight of her 827,000 followers who liked the image over 107,000 times and counting.

The television personality posted the pic where she lay in bed with a delicious looking meal on a tray to her right as she enjoyed some bonding time with her new baby. She and husband Ryan Biegel welcomed the little girl on September 2.

In the pic, Katie smiled for the camera, looking directly at the person taking the snap.

She lounged in a bed that was covered with a white comforter. A blue pillow was propped up behind her head. A green-and-yellow bedside lamp was seen to the left of Katie. Beyond that, a white bassinet for Iris to sleep in was in the corner of the room.

She wore her long, dark hair up in a casual topknot and loose tendrils framed her face. The apples of her cheeks appeared to be rosy.

Katie wore a loose, V-necked T-shirt in the share. She paired it with comfy loungewear pants in the color gray. Her feet were bare. Atop her chest was a floral burp blanket, used by mothers to keep their clothing clean after they feed their children in case they spit-up.
Family dinner party in the bed 😁 @littlebuddygus @ryanbiegel

Next to the chef lay a wooden table tray. Inside it, a white dinner plate with writing encircling the edge held a meal of red meat and assorted vegetables. Two forks and a knife were seen, which led fans to believe she shared the plate with her husband.

Baby Iris lay atop her mother’s legs. She wore a cute purple onesie.

Making up the trio in the photograph was the couple’s dog Little Buddy Gus. The ShihTzu-Chihuahua mix sat near Katie’s feet and looked directly at her.

Fans of the television star loved the sweet family photo.

“You look sooooo happy,” wrote one fan of the new mother.

“How awesome. Katie, so happy for you. You have the perfect family. A beautiful little girl, the sweetest little dog (Big Brother Gus), and last but not least a husband who resembles Prince Charming. Much love to you and your beautiful family,” commented a second follower.

“Wow, that smile is so genuine! Congrats you’re glowing lovely lady,” remarked a third Instagram user of the photograph.