What Seif promises voters in Zanzibar


Dar es Salaam. ACT-Wazalendo Zanzibar presidential candidate Seif Shariff Hamad yesterday pledged to protect the interests of Zanzibar in the Union. The firebrand politician said he would ensure promotion of independence of the three pillars of the state (Executive; the Revolutionary Council and the Judiciary), upholding independence of the judiciary and government’s transparency.

The outspoken main opposition candidate in Zanzibar also promised to promote freedom for members of the House of Representatives and press freedom, provide the new constitution to Zanzibar, criminalise discrimination, intensify anti-corruption war, revamping economy, create conducive environment for investment and trade, reduce unemployment rates and reform education and health sectors.

Mr Hamad made the promises at the Kibandamaiti grounds in Unguja yesterday when launching his campaigns.

He said if elected president of Zanzibar, he will ensure politicians have no influence on the judicial system and the process to dispense justice in the Isles.
“Judges with weaknesses will be trained in Commonwealth countries on the better way of serving citizens. My job will be announcing their appointment, but they will be vetted by a special team of experts,” he said.
“During my leadership, members of the House of Representatives will be free to criticise, advise and provide citizen’s proposals, ensure freedom of the media and I will start the new constitution writing process six months after assuming office.”

He said provision of Zanzibar Residential IDs will be suspending pending evaluations, any sort of discrimination will be criminalised, the government will have zero tolerance on corruption and the Isles economy will revamped after creating conducive environment to woo investments and trade.
“My government will reform agricultural production, education and provision of health services. We will ensure education is provided for free to tertiary education levels and that unemployment challenges are addressed among the youth,” he said.

Speaking during the event, party leader Zitto Kabwe said his party planned to restore the new constitution writing process in order to ensure the three tier government is formed, operationalise the Union joint account and provide Sh660 billion compensation to Zanzibar for 15 years.