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Description (1/3)

This package contains an interactive Figma prototype with a single-run functionality, 24 static images from main pages, 12 sample videos to describe how the prototype works and to show prototype animations, and also all JSON Lottie animations that are made and used inside the prototype.

The mock-up is built using these products:
- Figma
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe AfterEffects + BodyMovin Plugin
- And of course, Telegram!

Figma URL:

Icons: Segoe Fluent Icons Font + Segoe UI Emoji (Monochrome)
Description (2/3)

Functional parts of the prototype:
- Sending any types of messages inside a PM
- Downloading all types and media and files
- Playing or opening all media types which needs to be opened in-app.
- Changing the app's theme
- Calling and Voice/Video chatting with all main options
- Switching between all main pages of the app
- Switching folders
- Opening a user/group profile

Note that the prototype is built with hundreds of layers and many components, so you may not be able to run the actual prototype inside the mobile. In that case you can simply switch to the "Static pages" page inside Figma project, or view rendered images and videos inside the package.
Description (3/3)

You may also find more functions by playing with the prototype. Functions are a lot that may make the prototype have bugs after some usage, if you faced a bug, simply press "R" key to reload. To prevent log-in steps every time, simply switch to "Chat List - All Chats" flow from the left panel.

For the last words, I hope you enjoy this prototype!
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