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You can try an interactive version of my prototype using this link: I highly recommend you to open this link using your smartphone because the quality of layouts may be bad on desktop (for some reason).

Contents of an archive:
1. "PNG" folder contains static layouts.
2. "MP4" folder contains videos that demonstrate animations.
3. "Icons" folder contains XML icons.
4. TelegramXCalls.xd is a source Adobe XD file. You can find some additional layouts in it (for example, private calls in a light theme).
5. contains some additional comments (in Russian).

Please, share your feedback here. Thank you!
Galaxy S10, Android 10
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I really like your project actually. You deeply attached all the features and looks good. But you can also attach few snaps here :) the project file is big and also xd link will not work on slow internet.
Busy Phoenix Aug 3, 2021 at 09:49
Thank you very much; I'm glad you liked it 😊 Interesting, I didn't know that XD link doesn't work on slow internet. But, anyway, you can open a source project with those animations (XAnimations.xd, located in the MP4 folder) and launch this demo on your computer.
Simple and clean, nice work :) You took very safe approach, nothing too fancy which is fine.

The one thing that doesn't really fit the whole design for me are white outlines around the badges in voice chat (for people who are talking or raising hand). It feels off. The rest is quite text-book, which is nice.

You put a lot of heart into it. One thing I might suggest for your
future works is to try experimenting more, try finding unusual solutions for unusual cases.

Honestly, no idea why you got downvotes, it's one of the most complete solutions out there. Good luck!
Busy Phoenix Aug 4, 2021 at 14:43
Thank you very much for the lovely feedback.

Yes, I didn't experiment a lot with this design, but I will try to do so in future projects. Thanks for your suggestion. I wanted to include another file with my drafts but forgot to do so in a hurry before the deadline. One of my ideas was to add a custom background (see attached screenshot), but I decided to drop this idea at some point.

The white outlines in voice chats are actually not white (see attached screenshot), but I can see your point and agree that it looks out of place on a completed mockup. Maybe, it would be better to remove those outlines at all.

Thank you once again, and good luck to you too!
My opinion: you worth the first place. Good luck :)
Busy Phoenix Aug 6, 2021 at 12:05
Thank you very much. Good luck to you too! 🙂
Nice, like it 👍
Busy Phoenix Aug 6, 2021 at 12:05
Thank you!
like it :)
Busy Phoenix Aug 30, 2021 at 09:43
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