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Testing and Issues

You can test this app and submit issues during the testing period of the Android Contest 2021 contest.

Entries with serious issues will not be able to win the contest, but even minor issues might be important for overall results.



Fix cursor's size in EditText while adding text to an image. Now it depends on text size instead of image resolution.
Fix cursor's color in EditText while adding text to an image. In some cases cursor wasn't visible. For example, when edittext's background is black.
While editing user's BIO there was return button instead of done in the keyboard.
Fix visibility of items in BottomSheet with images. 

Steps to reproduce
Turn off camera and gallery access permissions. 
Open BottomSheet for attaching an image Allow camera access but not gallery 
Tap on item with "Tap to allow access to your Gallery" 

Current result 
Item with camera will disappear.

Expected result 
Item with camera doesn't change visibility state. 

Pencil icon is visible for files 

Steps to reproduce 
Go to any chat with a picture sent as a file and another non-picture file 
Open the picture file in full screen 
Swipe to show the other file 

Current result 
The pencil icon to open the media editor is present 

Expected result 
The pencil icon to open the media editor is absent
If open stickers while editing an image and change phone orientation count of the columns remains the same.
Glitch when hide keyboard while editing an image 

Steps to reproduce 
1. Open image editing 
2. Add text Hide keyboard

Current result 
Glitch of background. For a moment an image displays without blackout. 

Expected result 
Blackout remains on image while keyboard is hiding.
Change library for face/barcode/etc. recognition. 
The reasons: 
- Google suggests to use another library. 
- Image recognition is faster now for the first time recognition. 
- There may be a better way to calculate position for a mask with a new library.
Improve user experience on the filter screen. On double tap filters resets to initial value. This feature is in the most of photo editing apps so this behaviour could be expected by user.
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Fair Quokka Mar 18, 2021 at 19:42
Всего исправлений и улучшений: 10
Из них корректных: 10

В работе реализовано большое число полезных исправлений для фоторедактора. Обращаем внимание, что при обрезке медиа в фоторедакторе всё ещё могут срабатывать жесты у краев экрана. Отдельно заметим, что большее число исправлений и улучшений могло бы способствовать продвижению работы на более высокое призовое место.
Samsung Galaxy S10 (Android 11); Samsung Galaxy J7 (Android 9); Nexus 5X (Android 8).
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