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Testing and Issues

You can test this app and submit issues during the testing period of the Android Contest 2021, Round 2 contest.

Entries with serious issues will not be able to win the contest, but even minor issues might be important for overall results.


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1 No text size animation
2 Wrong link animation
3 Animoji doesn't play during animation
4 Scroll over the screen stop animation
5 Wrong time animation with emoji/sticker
6 Wrong voice message elements animation (seekbar, record time etc)
7 Wrong reply with emoji/sticker animation
8 No video message animation
9 No photo animation
Sacred Gorilla Apr 5 at 17:53
1. text has static size
3. because they don't play in the provided video(was easier to let them play at start)
4. as expected because place for message may change original coordinates or become invisible.
7. +yes
8. it is, for round video
9. +yes
For others "Wrong" - does not bring any information
#1 it should be scaled by design
Android 11 Pixel 3
#2 Original link
Bubble has final shape and elements positions and just moves from the bottom to the position.

App: bubble appears fully w/o moving form outside, it places under the previous message
Android 11 Pixel 3
#5 Original time label: appears from the middle of edittext widget and starts changing alpha

App: label moves with sticker/emoji
Android 11 Pixel 3
#6 Original voice message:
Bubble decreases width, moves up. Record dot change size, color and position from left from the record time to the right of it. Wave seek bar change X scale. Time label moves with bubble bottom.

App: final bubble size and elements positions, just moves up, record button disappears somewhere
Android 11 Pixel 3
#3 is tricky enough - with emoji it hard to catch if it start playing or not but with sticker you can check that it starts playing before moves to the final position (btw others participants implemented playing on start)

#4 but when you scroll back, it still force the listview to scroll but has the full size the same time
Android 11 Pixel 3
Background issues:
1. Not handled color banding 
2. No blur in video recording
3. Flick when open keyboard
Nokia 7 Plus
Gif messages also animated. Good job!
Samsung A51, Android 11
Zaraciccio De Zaracicci Apr 18 at 14:21
Animation editor tabs' titles broke in dark mode.
(Emulated) Pixel 2XL, Android 6
Zaraciccio De Zaracicci Apr 18 at 14:39
Sometimes black bars in the background appear when scrolling the chat.
(Emulated) Pixel 2XL, Android 6
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