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TON Goods is an ecosystem for selling and buying goods. There are two contracts - seller and buyer. Sellers and buyers are communicating via internal messages. Each contract is controlled by the owner using external messages.
TON Register is a school register where a teacher may give grades and students may see them.
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Regarding goods ecosystem.

In general paying for any of-chain work requires guarantees for buyer in case seller misbehaves. I'm aware of only a single algorithm that solves this problem. It locks both parties funds, giving buyer an option to burn them in case seller misbehaves.

I fail to see anything like that in your contracts. If buyer pays for estimation and seller either does not provide a response, or provides a rubbish response then there is no way for buyer to punish that.
You assume that query_id provided by buyer is unique. Buyer can send another internal message replacing his order, and subsequent price response external message will respond to the new query (thinking it was old one). You only check expiration there, everything else is pulled from external message. So this isn't much.
Great submission in terms of efforts, however I do not believe school register and hardly believe goods project will have any application in TON ecosystem in future.
Eager Boar Dec 26, 2019 at 15:36
Thank you for your feedback! Yes, I agree that those projects may not have a demand from users if they will just lay around. Instead, I think they may serve well for the popularization of TON platform wit little effort from TON team. The register may be given to some schools and universities together with some Grams needed to use it. In that way the students and teachers may be familiarized with TON.
Same with goods ecosystem, we may present working platform and use cases to show how TON may be useful for the clients that are far from the crypto world and how it may solve their real life problems.
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