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Testing and Issues

You can test this app and submit issues during the testing period of the JavaScript Contest, Bonus Round contest.

Entries with serious issues will not be able to win the contest, but even minor issues might be important for overall results.




Few speed improvements, new features (gif search, search calendar, custom video player with previews) over 3rd round version.
Source code is in the same repository: Please feel free to check, fork and star.

##### Done:
- Custom video player with hover previews generation and caching.
– 2-3 taps on the microphone button cause the app to crash on Android (Chrome);
– The app allows sending broken empty voice messages with a single tap, listening to such voice messages causes a crash;
– Refreshing the page can open a random channel opened each time instead of the chats list;
- Nikolay K: no error if microphone access denied
- Nikolay K: sometimes voice messages look like ogg file
– Voice message layout is broken;
– Swiping down on the screen when the gallery is opened causes the nav bar to overlap the input field until the page is reloaded;
– The app does not prevent swipes while the Stickers tab is opened, e.g. swiping causes the Shared Media column to appear;
– Global Search results are discarded when you return from an opened chat;
– Stickers in the Stickers tab are distorted when viewed in landscape;
- Fᴏʀᴅᴇɴ: Field titles overlap fields
– Words get cut off on Android (Chrome) and iOS (Safari);
– The animated monkey overlaps with the code field in landscape mode;
- Oleg Illarionov: No support for native browser history api
- Navigate to chats on users avatar click
– Some channels have no input field;
– Scrolling is unavailable in the Trending stickers tab;
– The Trending Stickers section contains only five packs.
– Video and audio can be played simultaneously;
– GIFs search is missing;
– Search by date is missing;
– Numerous layout issues in polls, percentage is loaded each time from zero when chat is opened;
– Sending sticker closes the Stickers tab; (keep it closing the tab on touch devices, keeping visible on desctop)
– Entities belonging to an album are blurred on Android (Chrome);
– Video previews are blurred in chats and show “0:00” instead of the actual duration;
– Some GIFs are blurred and don't load at all in chats;
– Sometimes the app doesn't load a chat's history at all;
– Pinning a chat in the archive makes it pinned in the main list when unarchived;
– The context menu doesn't work on iOS;

##### Optimized, but there's place for more
– Streaming is laggy when scrolling videos.
– Certain folders show no chats displaying a progress bar instead;
– Chats can be missing in Archived Chats;
##### Improved
- Downloading files and media speed, threads(parallel downloading of chunks)+pre-heat different DCs(saves 500ms for current and 1-2 secs for other dcs)
- Uploading files speed, uploading chunks in parallel
– Unread counters in tabs are incorrect. (depends on initial amount of data loaded, optimized somehow, but need to find the perfect balance).
- Chat history open speed
– The app does not run smoothly on iOS (Safari);

##### Prev stages
- Verified badges
- Download files from media browser
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Fair Mammoth Sep 16, 2020 at 16:45
Transferred size on startup: 322KB
Unfortunately, the speed of the app is significantly below our expectations. Not all of the earlier identified issues were fixed (including critical ones). New serious issues have also been discovered. The app is affected by performance issues on startup when loading the chat list, browsing large chats, viewing the Trending Stickers section, and searching for GIFs.

1. Critical issues:
– The input field in Channels overlaps with the navigation bar;
– Swiping down on the screen when the gallery is opened causes the navbar to overlap with the input field until the page is reloaded;
– The app does not run smoothly on iOS (Safari) and Android (Chrome).
– Words in message previews (Chat list) get cut off on Android (Chrome) and iOS (Safari);
– Some GIFs are blurred and don’t load at all in chats;
– The context menu doesn’t work on iOS;
– When you open a chat on iOS, you have to scroll up to the top to see its header;
– Bots are missing in Archived Chats;
– Folders sometimes can still fail to appear both on iOS and Android;
– Quizzes are broken on iOS;
– Streaming is laggy when scrolling videos.

2. Medium to minor issues:
– Stickers in the Stickers tab are distorted when viewed in landscape orientation;
– The app does not prevent swiping while the Trending Stickers tab is opened, e.g., swiping causes the Shared Media column to appear;
– Sending a sticker closes the Stickers tab;
– Typing statuses are missing in chat headers on iOS.

3. New issues:
– The app is broken on iOS (Safari). It gets stuck when refreshing the page after opening several chats; this can be fixed only by clearing the browser data;
– Sometimes folders are missing, unfortunately, we found no STR. Fixed by reloading the page;
– Certain folders may never be displayed at all;
– Pinned messages are missing;
– Voice messages recording is broken on iOS (Safari);
– The app still allows sending empty voice messages (no crashes anymore);
– GIF search is broken on iOS (Safari);
– The app always shows the ‘Invalid phone number’ error for the first login attempt on iOS (Safari);
– Sometimes previews for certain media are blurred;
– Scrolling in Shared Media is unusable on mobile devices;
– The animated monkey now overlaps the phone number and 2FA info text when the app is used in landscape on Android (Chrome);
– Sometimes voice messages are distorted, broken when recorded and sent using Android (Chrome), e.g., a short recording with 3-4 seconds duration can be transformed into a 28 second distorted voice message;
– The app fails to display forwarded albums, e.g., instead of showing an entire album of 3 pics, only one blurred image is persisted in the chat;
– The audio player is broken. No songs can be played on Android (Chrome);
– Issues with polls: users who took the poll can sometimes be replaced with NaN%, user pictures in poll previews can get cut off.
MacBook Air 2019: macOS 10.15.6; Samsung Galaxy S9/S10: Android 10; iPhone XS: iOS 13.6. Chrome 85.0.4183 / Safari 13.1.2.
Tactful Seal Sep 16, 2020 at 18:25
Just realized what you mean by navbar :) Thought you were talking about address bar in prev comments lol. On issues: ios context menu, android audio player and stickers distortion in landscape orientation should be fixed here, not sure why it's there for you still, though may depend on devices, as mine were different. Anyway, thank you for your feedback and for the contest itself. It was great!
-You need to press 2 times to download the file
-Crashing when you are loading a large file (700 mb)
-Unable to create poll
-autoplay is not supported 

- Very High FPS during sticker animation (~29 fps)
- Slow loading after login (1135 ms)
- Some lags during dialog scroll
- High performance during receiving/sending messages (~45 fps)
Xiaomi RN 6 Pro 8.1, iPhone 8 11.4, Samsung S9 9.0, Samsung Galaxy J2 6.0, Huawei Mate 9 7.0, MacBook Air 2016, Windows Laptop
If in the description someone add one more string on some mobile devices on album view description shows on the text field
PC/Opera (latest version)/Windows latest (not important) will reproduce on any device
Scroll on the mobile devices tested on PC and iphoneXS
iPhone XS/Safari/iOS 13.6
I can see a part of the next line of the message
PC/Opera/Windows latest
Incorrect indent between messages (sometimes)
PC/Opera/Windows latest
Incorrect view in the Telegram Bot with buttons
PC/Opera/Windows latest
The digit on the notifications count label hide a little bit faster then background
PC/Opera/Windows latest
Cant close the user menu list by the clicking on the open list button (burger)
PC/Opera/Windows latest
I can se part of the marked of read message icon
PC/Opera/Windows latest
I can send any length of the text
Any device, any browser
Always invalid phone number
iphone xs/safari/ios
incorrect buttons position
iphone SE/5/safari/ios (windows, developer mode)
Can't scroll messages
PC/Opera developer tool, responsive checking iPhone 5SE /Windows latest
Tactful Seal Sep 2, 2020 at 16:17
Thank you for your detailed feedback, Igor. Agree on all points.
No human readable infomation message about that the app requires a JavaScript support is displayed to clients with no JavaScript support.
Linux, Chromium
Big country chooser field
1. Choose one country
2. Open Country chooser again
PC/Opera/Windows latest
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