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Testing and Issues

You can test this app and submit issues during the testing period of the JavaScript Contest, Bonus Round contest.

Entries with serious issues will not be able to win the contest, but even minor issues might be important for overall results.




Major updates (Part 1):

- Significant speed improvement by fixing a bug in creating message containers
- Added video streaming support
- Fixed sign up flow
- Added photo upload and cropper to sign up flow
- Added support for albums
- Concurrent file upload and downloads
- Added folders feature
- Highlight keywords in search
- Added audio player controls on the top of the chat view
- Added archived chats tab
- Support for draft messages. Auto-fill chat input with draft messages and save input state as draft when switching between chats
Chrome / Mac OS X
Major updates (Part 2):

- Significantly improved performance of the app by fixing a memory leak issue causing the app getting slower over time after opening more chats or loading too many animated stickers
- Support for deleting messages in chat (delete for all and delete for me)
- Sticker set preview modal when clicking on an sticker in chat
- Pin/Unpin dialogs
- Handle pin/unpin updates properly
- Hide archived chats in root folder
- Ability to mark a dialog as unread and change to read when chat is open
- Fixed a voice recorder issue where on some devices the recorded voice was high-pitched or stuttered
Chrome / Mac OS X
Minor updates:

- Improved photo and video preview quality using higher res thumbnails
- Added video's duration, file size and download button to top left corner of video
- Fixed an issue with ESG panel getting closed after selecting GIF, Sticker or Emoji
- Improved the performance of sticker picker by preventing unnecessary re-renders
- Added indication for video vs. photo in shared media
- Improved Lottie animation initialization time
- Fixed a bug where uploading multiple files at once was failing at times
- Fixed direction of navigation buttons in media lightbox
- Fixed a bug where newly added sticker packs were placed before recent stickers and were not deletable
- Auto download GIFs
Chrome / Mac OS X
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Fair Quokka Sep 16, 2020 at 16:57
Transferred size on startup: 190KB
Transferred size after logging in: 269KB

We could not thoroughly test the submitted app on desktop and mobile environments because the scaling issue prevents the chat list from being centered on the screen properly. The author fixed a part of the earlier identified issues; however, several critical bugs and less severe issues still persist. The app's speed has slightly improved overall, but there's room for improvement, especially when scrolling history and loading media. 

1. Critical issues: 
– Chat screen is broken for desktop and mobile browsers;
– Both global and in-chat search don't work and return no results regardless of the entered query; 
– Folders can be empty, navigation between folders is broken; 
– The Trending Stickers section is broken; 
– The app freezes when trying to record a voice message on iOS (Safari); 
– The app is laggy when opening GIF Search on iOS (Safari). 

2. Other issues: 
– Login flow issues with buttons, login code, and 2FA hint; 
– Shared media tabs overlap each other when switching between them; 
– The audio section (Shared Media) is yet to be completed. The Links tab contains certain glitches; 
– Swipe navigation is missing in Gallery on mobile devices.
MacBook Air 2019: macOS 10.15.6; Samsung Galaxy S9/S10: Android 10; iPhone XS: iOS 13.6. Chrome 85.0.4183 / Safari 13.1.2
- Normal FPS during sticker animation (~25 fps)
- Fast loading after login (512 ms)
- Dialogs are scrolling with some jerks, sometimes fps is very low (~12 fps)
- High performance during receiving/sending messages (~30 fps)
Xiaomi RN 6 Pro 8.1, iPhone 8 11.4, Samsung S9 9.0, Samsung Galaxy J2 6.0, Huawei Mate 9 7.0, MacBook Air 2016, Windows Laptop
Machine codes are displayed to the user

On the login page fill in an input field with an invalid number. A modal shows up with a machine code in it. Should be a correct human-readable message.
Linux, Chromium
Cannot login after ≈5 tries with invalid phone address.

Fill in an invalid phone number and try to login. Repeat several times with different phone numbers until "FLOOD_WAIT_*" message is displayed.

Next fill in a correct phone number and try to login. Instead of login "FLOOD_WAIT_*" message shows up.

Ethier number of unsuccessful login attempts should be higher, or successfull login should reset rate ban.

Human-readable message for "FLOOD_WAIT" is described in another issue.
Linux, Chromium
Sacred Parrot Sep 2, 2020 at 15:44
Good point. I didn't know FLOOD_WAIT keeps getting thrown back even if you retry with a different number. So I think the solution is to make sure to reset auth keys when phone number changes. I'll investigate it.

And yes, I didn't have the machine code -> human readable contents translation map. Once provided, it should be an easy change. Thanks for pointing that out.
My country not choosed by default
PC/Opera/Windows latest
-no auto detect country on login
-no masked phone number on phone field
-no password hint on 2FA
-after login
- avatars are hidden
-scroll is slow
-not all tabs in shared media
-audio in shared media without labels
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