a multiplayer chess game Mini App. User can customize and send an invitation to play to a private chat or a group/channel, and then play chess in real time with whoever accepts the invitation.
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Great Idea, I also would be happier if the UI looked more Telegram-Native, The color scheme matching the Telegram Theme would have been a seamless integrated chess in Telegram
Fierce Frog Oct 29, 2023 at 19:31
Thank you for your feedback. Seamless integration was a major concern when designing the app. It's color scheme actually does match the Telegram's one and adapts to your chosen theme. The UI elements were designed to closely resemble the Telegram Android client and Telegram Desktop, as these were the only platforms I could test the application on.
Great idea and implementation! I actually made the chess app too. I spent more time trying to make the UI look more native and implement board myself, but because of this I haven't managed to fix some critical bugs, so in terms of functionality you made a really impressive work!

What I like in your solution is the more convenient way to share game and inline mode.

Also, I think moving board to the bottom will improve UX on mobile devices. 🤔
Fierce Frog Oct 31, 2023 at 00:43
Thank you for your feedback and kind words. ☺️
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