Telebook — a mini app for booking hotels.

It provides several screens demonstrating different abilities: list views, cards, animations, forms, payments, etc. It uses mocked hotel info and pictures. 

The UI matches the Native OS and a particular Telegram client style.

Test animation smoothness and common end-user experience. Also, check out the source code that could be used as an example for creating the new app.

🧩 Telegram Vue UI Kit — build native-like interfaces with ready-to-use components
❤️‍🔥 Instant picture previews and on-device cache
☘️ Smooth screen transitions
Advanced DX — fast build, hot reloading, modern code style and linters, well-documented code
💎 Clean but simple architecture
📦 Production-ready deployment setup
💵 Payments support
Light theme overview
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This one is my favorite.
iPhone XS Max
Congrats, This is by far the most fluent design I have seen, that's why I have investigated it more than others, and found these issues/suggestions.

I'm gonna divide them into three messages.

First Issue: Please disable text selection, it just ruins the native-like experience of this beautiful webApp (attached in the photos)
Telegram Desktop / Windows 11
Stone Parrot Oct 30, 2023 at 19:32
Thank you for careful testing! I've fixed a problem with Date Picker you mentioned and removed text selection leaving it only for hotel name so user can copy it.
This is the best MiniApp! Very useful documentation and source code
Second Issue: There are some issues with datepicker, I know making a datepicker is not easy, specially in JS, but here are the issues:

1.The date picker does not get automatically closed after selecting the desired date, so that's a bad UX, I have to click again on the picker label to close it. Also the picker label does not have cursor: pointer and that's another confusion of clickability in Desktop

2. The date picker has some issues when date is autocasted by the code, Scenario:
I selected start date October 30, end date October 31, I changed start date to November 10, my end date in label got updated to November 11, but when opened the end date picker, it was showing October 31 as selected but in a disabled styled (strange), also after some togglings, It was showing me the October 29 as selected (We are in October 30 bruh), and was active (attached in the photos)
Telegram Desktop / Windows 11
Stone Parrot Oct 30, 2023 at 11:02
What about closing a calendar, it works like on native iOS apps, you can check it for example at the Calendar app. I believe the second (confirmation) click left to prevent unwanted closing of the calendar on the wrong date pick.

Thanks for the detailed description of another problem. I'll fix it. As well as a pointer.
Third Issue: This one is a kind of serious one, It seems like that the app's backend has no Idea of the routing system used in frontend, I got the 404 error in this scenario:

Open a hotel or booking page or any other page than the root url, click on "Reload" button, you will face 404 error

for a quickfix, you can use htaccess or any other thing to rewrite all urls to your index.html in the backend, just be quick before judges final test

Then again, much love and appreciation for this awesome UI.
Telegram Desktop / Windows 11
Stone Parrot Oct 30, 2023 at 05:24
Thank you, it was an issue on my devops side. Fixed it.
Looks awesome!
however, here is one minor issue I found with the dark theme:
Stone Parrot Oct 30, 2023 at 08:25
Seems like one of the last updates of iOS client broke some theming presets. Primary and secondary backgrounds became swapped. I can see some other issues as well. Problems are also reflected in Wallet app.

I'm not sure whether is a bug or intentional change. I'm gonna follow this topic for some time to understand that before making changes.

Anyway, I've fixed the issue you mentioned.
Great and detailed app. One issue I faced is that none of the images fully loaded. It just showed a blurry thumbnail on all of them. On my android device it worked fine, but not on TDesktop. Here's a screenshot:
TDesktop 4.11.1 (direct install) / Ubuntu 23.04
Stone Parrot Oct 30, 2023 at 11:59
Thanks. Seems like network issues. Is it possible to see a console?
I can't copy paste the logs unfortunately (tdesktop on linux issues :) ), so a screenshot will have to suffice. Both my android device and tdesktop are on the same wifi network btw.
TDesktop 4.11.1 (direct install) / Ubuntu 23.04
Stone Parrot Oct 30, 2023 at 19:33
Ok, thanks. Will try to reproduce.
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