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Structure of archive:
!Preview.mp4 — All animations preview

/PNG — Static mockups
Channels • Both admin.png
Channels • Info pages.png
Channels • Subscriber perspectives.png
Chat List • Pull Full.png
Chat List • Pull.png
Chat List • Scroll.png
Chat List • Swipe.png
Chat List • Topics.png
Chat List.png
Groups • Info pages.png
Private Chats • Scroll.png
Private Chats • Type.png
Private Chats • User Profiles • Gallery.png
Private Chats • User Profiles.png
Private Chats.png
Secret Chats.png
Settings • Default.png
Settings • Premium.png
Settings • Premium-1.png
Settings • Premium-2.png
Settings • Scroll.png

Chat List.prd
Private Chat & User Profile.prd
Telegram - Android Design Contest by Ian Rakeda.fig

/Video — Video of base transitions
Chat List
Private Chat & User Profile
In this work, I've used some components from Material Design 3. Caring much about details I reworked native transitions between screens and added micro-animations for the icons. Most of the native icons were replaced with more friendly and airy ones. Font weight set to 300 instead of default's 400 to make a UI feel lighter.

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This is likely my favorite one. The design is coherent, it just makes sense. It contains Material 3 elements (notably the bottom navigation bar and the switch) while still allowing for Telegram's themes to be implemented. I don't really think I have anything negative to say about this personally. Good job!
This is nice. Worth to be between the winers
Most animations are linear.
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