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Just found out that I should have added a description to the project.

When redesigning, my goal was to increase Telegram's revenue and usability. For this reason, I separated Chats and Channels.

Channels is now an independent section. No more wasting time searching in the general message feed.

Foy you
A personalized feed with posts from the channels that are most relevant to the user. I redesigned the posts to make it easier to read. Telegram will make more money as it can charge money for advertising posts from channels in this section.

Stories in the channels section
Only from channels the user is subscribed to. I've reduced the size to fit more and take up less pixels in height.

Messages from channels the user is subscribed to. The view is standard.

Now only messages from private, secret or group chats. Stories only from people in contacts.

Updated the design and made it in the style of iMessage. Here you can add native integrations with third party services like Dropbox, Zoom, etc.

You can turn off notifications and messages from certain chats and channels for a while. Now you don't have to be distracted by non-work related messages at work.

Short videos are the main driver of revenue growth and retention on Instagram. In telegram, this will increase engagement for channels and increase revenue growth. Vertical scroll - toggle by author. Horizontal scroll - toggle by author's videos.

Smart search
This section shows the most popular channel posts and Visions in the region. The search searches by contacts, Visions, channels, private chats and globally. Now it's easier to find the right channel or post. This section can also be monetized.

Also added dynamic colors for Material 3 and many page redesigns. Also made an animation to show how everything will look like.

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The designer has introduced a "feed" which makes the design unique.

I'd like to highlight unique designer decisions:
- The subscribe button and it's animation
- A fair good-looking navigation bar(I'd work on it a little bit more)
- A "vision" feature suggestion
- Color choice overall: it makes the app good-looking
- Icon changes: the thunder icon for channels
- iOS-like action-buttons under profiles
- The bottom bar in chats

And some disadvantages:
- A bug for pinned message, where hamburger menu and pinned message icons overlap
- Pfps of all those who reacted to a message is shown; personally, i'd leave the current version
- I'd personally use green-blue colour for stories outside-circle

Overall, I was able to see designer's effort through his file size at first. Looking through his designs which tried to introduce various new things was great.

Good luck
Able Bear Oct 6, 2023 at 12:58
Thank you for your review 🙏
Impressive work with a multitude of animations.
Able Bear Oct 19, 2023 at 06:56
Thank you 🧡
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