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Great work! The effects of AI posts appearing in the feed are crazy. How did you do it?
iPhone 15 Pro
Fluffy Ram Apr 30 at 15:08
Thank you!

For this effect, I took real code (because Telegram is open source). This is DustEffectLayer.swift in the Telegram iOS GitHub repo.

So, I used it to simulate this effect on multiple layers and then added the video to After Effects.
Looks good.
Fluffy Ram May 2 at 12:40
Thank you
Looks like it has already been implemented ❤️
Voice AI is top for sure 🚀
As an idea, you may also add an auto-congratulations feature 🙂
iOS / iPhone 11 Pro
Fluffy Ram Apr 30 at 16:21
Thank you 🫶
The Audio AI feature should have the possibility to modify the suggested reply before sending.
Fluffy Ram Apr 30 at 15:14
Thank you. This was my idea: it will be inserted into the input text field, and the user can easily modify it. 

But in the Telegram Hints video, Telegram is cutting edges (skipping non-important parts not to overwhelm the user with information), so I did the same.

Attaching my version from Figma)
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